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The API page presents user credentials (the User ID and the API Token), and for the Android App, displays a QR Code. These user credentials are often used to indicate and verify details in Habitica applications and extensions. The page can be accessed on the web from the Settings option under the User Icon menu. Alternatively, on the apps, it can be accessed by tapping on the settings icon at the top right of the menu and then the API option.

User ID (UID)[]

API Token[]

API Settings Page

The API token is a unique security code generated along with your User ID. It is similar to a password, so it is essential that you keep this token private and never share this token with any untrustworthy applications or people! If you have accidentally shared your API token in a public space or with an untrusted source, you can ask admins to change your API token by going to Help > Report a Bug (on the website) or About / Support > Report a Bug (on the apps). Alternatively, you can send an email directly to admin@habitica.com. However, clicking on "Report a Bug" in the menu is the preferred option, as this opens an email with automatically included account information like your User ID, that the admins need to identify your Habitica account.

To find your API Token,

  • For the website: User Icon > Settings > API
  • For iOS/Android App: Menu > API > API Token (tap on it to copy it to your clipboard).

Third Party Apps[]

On the website, the Third Party Apps section of the API page includes links to third-party applications that are or can be integrated with Habitica, along with explanations of each application's purpose.

API Third Party Apps

The third-party applications listed on the API page.


This section allows users to customize Webhooks that will activate scripts on other websites when certain actions (for example, task completion) occur in a user's Habitica account. Because incorrect URLs can cause errors or slow Habitica, Habiticans should exercise caution in using this feature. For more information, see the Webhooks page on this wiki.

QR Code[]

WikiFAQ Bot QR Code

QR Code for WikiFAQ Bot

The QR Code is a representation of your User ID in a graphical scannable format. The QR Code does not contain your API Token. Instead, it contains the following URL: https://habitica.com/qr-code/user/[User ID].

For example, the QR Code for WikiFAQ bot (User ID: 29bfa638-cb88-40e8-a0d0-48f455e7b2bd) is: https://habitica.com/qr-code/user/29bfa638-cb88-40e8-a0d0-48f455e7b2bd.

The QR Code can currently be used by the iOS app to invite party members.

At this time, the only way to generate a QR Code within the game is to use the Android app, by selecting Menu > Settings > API > User ID. It is also possible to use external websites or apps to generate a QR Code if access to the Android app is unavailable.