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Creates a complete pet quest page. Before using the template,

  • upload images (boss, scroll, egg, pets, and mounts) and
  • create a new wiki page with the quest name.

This documentation compiles information from the Advanced Wiki Editing page. Please do not use this template without reading the "Quests" section on that page.

This template calls other templates: Bosstext, Infobox boss, spoiler start, spoiler end, and Infobox item. The Pet Quest template automatically fills these in.

Creating a New Page

In the top right corner of any wiki page is this icon: Wiki create page button.png Click it to create a new page.

Naming Images

When downloading images, they should be named exactly as they are in GitHub, including punctuation and capitalization. Note that scroll and boss file names use the boss name in all lowercase, while pet, egg, and mount files use the pet name with the first letter capitalized. Using "The Kraken of Inkomplete" quest as an example,

  • The scroll image "Inventory_quest_scroll_kraken" and boss image "Quest_kraken" use the boss name in lowercase.
  • In comparison, the egg image "Pet_Egg_Cuttlefish" and pet image "Pet-Cuttlefish-Base" (as well as all other pet/mount colors) use the capitalized pet name.

The easiest way to upload images is through the Multiple Upload page, which can upload up to 10 images at once. You can also upload images directly on the quest page. Either way, remember to add permissions.

Parameter Information

The parameter table below contains links that will take you to the necessary information.

Wiki Term Code Identifier
Quest Text
After copying the text from GitHub, replace HTML tags with wiki Markdown.
Here, [X] represents the pet you are looking for.
Quest "quest[X]Text" (e.g., questPenguinText)
Boss "quest[X]Boss"
Description "quest[X]Notes"
Completion "quest[X]Completion"
Pet "quest[X]Drop[X]Egg"
Boss Information
Strength str
HP hp
(if applicable)
rage value
XP exp
GP gp
Quests file See "Quests" folder at link for scroll and boss files
Stable file See "Stable" folder at link for pet, mount, and egg files
Change year as needed
News link Wiki link to Bailey announcement

(omit "" and include subsection, e.g., Whats_New_2016#June_2016)

Release date Date of Bailey announcement
Month (full spelling) DD, YYYY
At the link, click "More" on the Trello page's right-hand menu,
click "Archived Items", then search by pet or boss name.
Development and Credits: Writing
Writer Quest writer
Development and Credits: Art
Scroll artist Scroll pixel artist
Boss artist Boss pixel artist
Egg artist Egg pixel artist
Pet artist Pet pixel artist
Mount artist Mount pixel artist
Trello card Trello card number
E.g. t3cir66Z in link Do not include the rest of the URL.
Optional parameters
Promo file Promotional art image filename, without ".png"
Promo artist (see Credits) Promotional art pixel artist
Blog If there is a promotional image for the Habitica blog, include a link to the post. From the main blog page, click Archive, then choose the month and year in which quest was released. Choose the earliest post mentioning the quest (hover over images for dates). Enter only the string of numbers in the blog post URL. The rest of the URL is not needed.
Default sort If the quest name begins with "The", put quest name without "The" in this parameter field. Category pages will then sort the quest accordingly.
Trivia Trivia associated with quest


Copy/paste this template into your Pet Quest page and fill in the fields. If a parameter is not needed, leave it blank. Do not delete it.

| Quest = 
| Boss = 
| Description = 
| Completion = 
| Pet = 
| Strength = 
| HP = 
| Rage = 
| GP = 
| XP = 
| Quests file =
| Stable file = 
| News link =
| Release date =
| Writer =
| Scroll artist =
| Boss artist =
| Egg artist =
| Pet artist =
| Mount artist =
| Trello card =
| Promo file =
| Promo artist =
| Blog = 
| Default sort =
| Trivia = 


Click here to refresh these examples

A Tangled Yarn é uma missão com um Chefão chamado The Dread Yarnghetti. Completar esta missão desbloqueia a opção de comprar o Mascote de Missão Yarn. O pergaminho da missão pode ser comprado na Loja de Missões por 4 gemas.

The Dread Yarnghetti tem (500) de HP, o que faz desta uma missão de duração média, e o multiplicador de força (1.5) faz dela uma missão de dificuldade baixa. Sem utilizar habilidades de dano de Guerreiro ou Mago, um Grupo de 4 pessoas geralmente pode completar esta missão em duas semanas.


It’s such a pleasant day that you decide to take a walk through the Taskan Countryside. As you pass by its famous yarn shop, a piercing scream startles the birds into flight and scatters the butterflies into hiding. You run towards the source and see @Arcosine running up the path towards you. Behind him, a horrifying creature consisting of yarn, pins, and knitting needles is clicking and clacking ever closer.

The shopkeepers race after him, and @stefalupagus grabs your arm, out of breath. "Looks like all of his unfinished projects\" gasp gasp "have transformed the yarn from our Yarn Shop" gasp gasp "into a tangled mass of Yarnghetti!"

"Sometimes, life gets in the way and a project is abandoned, becoming ever more tangled and confused," says @khdarkwolf. "The confusion can even spread to other projects, until there are so many half-finished works running around that no one gets anything done!"

It’s time to make a choice: complete your stalled projects… or decide to unravel them for good. Either way, you'll have to increase your productivity quickly before the Dread Yarnghetti spreads confusion and discord to the rest of Habitica!


Derrotar o Chefão The Dread Yarnghetti.

Ao Concluir a Missão

Mostrar/Ocultar Spoilers

With a feeble swipe of a pin-riddled appendage and a weak roar, the Dread Yarnghetti finally unravels into a pile of yarn balls.

"Take care of this yarn," shopkeeper @JinjooHat says, handing them to you. "If you feed them and care for them properly, they'll grow into new and exciting projects that just might make your heart take flight…"


Conquista: A Tangled Yarn x1
Pet Egg Yarn.png
Ovos de Yarn x3 (uma vez que a missão foi concluída, os Ovos ficam disponíveis para compra por gemas no Mercado.)
Experience Points.png
275 de Experiência
37 de Ouro

Mascotes e Montarias da Missão

Os Ovos obtidos nesta Missão podem ser usados para adicionar Mascotes e Montarias do tipo Yarn ao seu Estábulo.

Mostrar/Ocultar os Mascotes e Montarias da Missão
Mascote Yarn Montaria Yarn
Comum Pet-Yarn-Base.png Mount Yarn-Base.png
Das Neves Pet-Yarn-White.png Mount Yarn-White.png
Do Deserto Pet-Yarn-Desert.png Mount Yarn-Desert.png
Escarlate Pet-Yarn-Red.png Mount Yarn-Red.png
Das Sombras Pet-Yarn-Shade.png Mount Yarn-Shade.png
Esqueleto Pet-Yarn-Skeleton.png Mount Yarn-Skeleton.png
Zumbi Pet-Yarn-Zombie.png Mount Yarn-Zombie.png
Pet-Yarn-CottonCandyPink.png Mount Yarn-CottonCandyPink.png
Pet-Yarn-CottonCandyBlue.png Mount Yarn-CottonCandyBlue.png
Da Cor Dourada Pet-Yarn-Golden.png Mount Yarn-Golden.png

Arte Promocional

Arte promocional criada para a Missão no blog oficial do Habitica.

Pet yarn boss promo by hachiseiko-da82txl.png

Desenvolvimento e Créditos

  • Data de lançamento: November 14, 2017
  • Escrita por: Faelwyn the Rising Phoenix, Bartelmy, and Lemoness
  • Arte: Pergaminho - TheMushroomKing   Chefão - Arcosine   Ovo - jinjoohat   Montaria - khdarkwolf   Mascote - basekick and stefalupagus   Arte Promocional - Hachiseiko
  • Cartão do Trello

Notas de Tradução

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