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Wiki Username: Rodmentou
Habitica Name: rodmentou
UID: 72f5b24b-e2b8-4168-99a7-4dbf978faf64
Last Updated: 08/19/17

  • I'm participating in The Pink Challenge, created by Rodrigo Nasc and I have finished all necessary steps to ask for my First Tier.

Linguistic Scriber (pt-br)

Major (>50%)

Includes creation, translation, back links within English wiki, insertion of translated and contextualized images, insertion of categories and revision. Percentage represents (my contribution/all contribution) on that article. This includes all of the below.

Wiki Page Link Contribution
Template: Infobox (Software, Location,

Item), Tocright, Main

Template: Rogue (Grand Gala) 100%
Cron, Health Potions, Perfect Day, Rogue,

Unscroll Chat Msg, Pets

Streaks 100%

Minor (<50%)

Quick fixes, partial translation, updates with original wiki content, grammar check, translation tweak, back links, link fix, translation check and revision.

Wiki Page Link Contribution
Cheating, Sample Tags Revision


Authored (created) content within the Portuguese Wiki.

Article page Contribution
Habitica in 7 Days. Day 06: Equips, Bosses, Adaptations Authored
Constitution Created a damage simulator and added examples.
Starting your Translations Starting page for new translators.