NPC Bailey Town Crier
Bienvenue à la Cour!
You've made it across the Courtyard.

In the keep you can have more in-depth discussions with fellow habiteers.

Mage's Tower|The Mage's TowerModifier

The Magi have always been mysterious folks. Centuries of research and attunement have revealed Tips & Tricks to cope in the world of Habitica.
This is a place to share your general productivity tips as well as to present ways you have customized your version of HabitRPG.

Pigeonry The PigeonryModifier

Habitica keeps a large stock of pigeons to stay in touch with kingdoms afar. This is the place to discuss the Pigeonry/Mobile|Mobile Extension, the Pigeonry/Chrome Chrome Extension and Pigeonry/Community Extensions Community Extensions.


The knights meet here and discuss their leisure activities when they're off-duty from slaying monsters.
This is the place to present your guild or showcase your party appropriately.

Camp The CampModifier

Adventurers gather here to discuss future Quests beneath the starlight.
This is a place for in depth discussion of future quests lines from the Quest board

The Knights ChambersModifier

Ye olden days were filled with stories of knights and dragons. Deeds of heroes will be sung here.
One or two thalers will be exchanged for the deeds of our knights and scribes.

Embassy The EmbassyModifier

Diplomatic relations to neighbouring Wikis and wars on bad translations are planned and decided within these walls.
Information that can not be found on Trello regarding the game or the wikis will be found here.

Dungeon The DungeonModifier

Here be dragons and monsters.
Check this place for known problems.

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