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Vice, the Shadow Wyrm
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HP 1500
Strength 3
Quest Scroll Inventory quest scroll vice3.png

Vice Awakens is the third and final quest in the Vice quest line, and the seventh in the game's history. It is a boss quest and follows Find the Lair of the Wyrm.

Inventory quest scroll vice3 locked.pngIt cannot be started until the player starting it has completed the previous two quests and has reached level 40. The quest scroll is dropped when Find the Lair of the Wyrm is completed or can be purchased for 4 gems (by players of at least level 40) after the first part of the arc is completed.


After much effort, your party has discovered Vice's lair. The hulking monster eyes your party with distaste. As shadows swirl around you, a voice whispers through your head, "More foolish citizens of Habitica come to stop me? Cute. You'd have been wise not to come." The scaly titan rears back its head and prepares to attack. This is your chance! Give it everything you've got and defeat Vice once and for all!


Defeat Vice, the Shadow Wyrm.

On Completion[]

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The shadows dissipate from the cavern and a steely silence falls. My word, you've done it! You have defeated Vice! You and your party may finally breath a sigh of relief. Enjoy your victory, brave Habiteers, but take the lessons you've learned from battling Vice and move forward. There are still habits to be done and potentially worse evils to conquer!


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Achievement: Vice Awakens x1
Weber Shaft.png
Stephen Weber's Shaft of the Dragon
Pet HatchingPotion Shade.png
2 Shade Hatching Potions
Pet Egg Dragon.png
2 Dragon Eggs
Experience Points.png
1000 experience
100 gold

Previous Quests in Series[]

Development and Credits[]

  • Release date: February 1st, 2014
  • Writers: Daniel the Bard
  • Artists: Baconsaur
  • Trello Card

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