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Trapper Santa
Quest evilsanta.png
HP 300
Strength 1
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Trapper Santa was the first quest in HabitRPG and also the first available boss. It was released as part of the Winter Wonderland event, and was originally available through January 31, 2014. Existing players during the quest's roll-out automatically received this scroll, and it could also be purchased from the Market for 4 gems.

This quest is a limited availability quest.

On December 25, 2014, it became available again through the Seasonal Shop, and will be available until January 31, 2015. There is no time limit for using the scroll once purchased.


You hear bemoaned roars deep in the ice fields. You follow the roars and growls - punctuated by another voice's cackling - to a clearing in the woods where you see a fully-grown polar bear. She's caged and shackled, roaring for life. Dancing atop the cage is a malicious little imp wearing castaway Christmas costumes. Vanquish Trapper Santa, and save the beast!


Defeat Trapper Santa.

On Completion[]

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Trapper Santa squeals in anger, and bounces off into the night. A grateful she-bear, through roars and growls, tries to tell you something. You take her back to the stables, where Matt Boch the whisperer listens to her tale with a gasp of horror. She has a cub! He ran off into the icefields when mama bear was captured. Help her find her baby!


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Achievement: Trapper Santa x1
Mount BearCub-Polar.png
Polar Bear Mount
Experience Points.png
100 experience
20 gold

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Development and Credits[]

  • Release date: December 25, 2013
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