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The SnackLess Monster
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HP 300
Strength 1
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The SnackLess Monster is a boss quest that takes place as the second part of the Attack of the Mundane quest line. The quest was added as a reward for completing the first quest, Dish Disaster!.

This boss is a fairly easy boss to defeat, as its health (300) matches the lowest of all bosses, and its Strength multiplier (1) makes it one of the lightest hitting of all the current quest bosses (only the Basi-List is lower, with 0.5). This is a good quest for low-level adventurers looking to understand how fighting bosses works without too much risk of dying.


Phew, this place is looking a lot nicer with all these dishes cleaned. Maybe, you can finally have some fun now. Oh - there seems to be a pizza box floating in the lake. Well, what's one more thing to clean really? But alas, it is no mere pizza box! With a sudden rush the box lifts from the water to reveal itself to be the head of a monster. It cannot be! The fabled SnackLess Monster?! It is said it has existed hidden in the lake since prehistoric times: a creature spawned from the leftover food and trash of the ancient Habiticans. Yuck!


Defeat the SnackLess Monster.


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Achievement: Attack of the Mundane Questline, Pt. 2: The SnackLess Monster x1
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The Laundromancer Scroll (Part 3)
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100 experience
20 gold

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  • Release date: August 12, 2014
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