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The Killer Bunny
Quest bunny.png
HP 300
Strength 1.5
Quest Scroll Inventory quest scroll bunny.png

|The Killer Bunny is a quest with a boss known as the Killer Bunny. Defeating this boss will unlock the Bunny Quest Pet. The quest scroll can be purchased from the Market for 4 gems.

This quest is an easy difficulty boss; the Killer Bunny's HP pool (300) and Strength multiplier (1.5) are in the lower tier of the quest bosses. Without using Warrior or Mage boss damaging skills, a four-person party can typically finish this quest in about a week.


After many difficult days, you reach the peak of Mount Procrastination and stand before the imposing doors of the Fortress of Neglect. You read the inscription in the stone. "Inside resides the creature that embodies your greatest fears, the reason for your inaction. Knock and face your demon!" You tremble, imagining the horror within and feel the urge to flee as you have done so many times before. @Draayder holds you back. "Steady, my friend! The time has come at last. You must do this!"

You knock and the doors swing inward. From within the gloom you hear a deafening roar, and you draw your weapon.


Defeat The Killer Bunny.

On Completion[]

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With one final blow the killer rabbit sinks to the ground. A sparkly mist rises from her body as she shrinks down into a tiny bunny... nothing like the cruel beast you faced a moment before. Her nose twitches adorably and she hops away, leaving some eggs behind. @Gully laughs. "Mount Procrastination has a way of making even the smallest challenges seem insurmountable. Let's gather these eggs and head for home."


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Achievement: The Killer Bunny x1
Pet Egg Bunny.png
Bunny Egg x3 (Once the quest has been completed, the eggs become available for gems in the marketplace.)
Experience Points.png
125 experience
25 gold

Quest Pets and Mounts[]

The eggs obtained from this quest can be used to raise the Bunny pets, which can additionally be fed to be raised into mounts.

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Base White Desert Red Shade Skeleton Zombie Cotton
Bunny Pet Pet-Bunny-Base.png Pet-Bunny-White.png Pet-Bunny-Desert.png Pet-Bunny-Red.png Pet-Bunny-Shade.png Pet-Bunny-Skeleton.png Pet-Bunny-Zombie.png Pet-Bunny-CottonCandyPink.png Pet-Bunny-CottonCandyBlue.png Pet-Bunny-Golden.png
Bunny Mount
Mount Bunny-Base.png
Mount Bunny-White.png Mount Bunny-Desert.png Mount Bunny-Red.png Mount Bunny-Shade.png Mount Bunny-Skeleton.png Mount Bunny-Zombie.png Mount Bunny-CottonCandyPink.png Mount Bunny-CottonCandyBlue.png Mount Bunny-Golden.png

Promotional Art[]

Artwork featuring the Killer Bunny was created for the New Pet Quest: Killer Bunny official blog post. Bunny promotional art.png

Development and Credits[]

  • Release date: March 17, 2015
  • Writers: TetoIsGreat
  • Artists: Gully, Draayder, and Uncommoncriminal 
  • Trello Card