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The Basi-List
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HP 100
Strength 0.5
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The Basi-List is a quest with a boss known as The Basi-List. It was released as the first Mini-Quest. The quest scroll cannot be purchased from the Market; instead, a player gains the scroll when they invite someone to their party and the invitation is accepted.

This quest features an easy level difficulty boss, with the smallest HP pool and the weakest Strength of any boss. Without using Warrior or Mage boss damaging skills, a four person party can typically finish this quest in only a few days.

It is intended to give new HabitRPG users a faster introduction to questing than having to wait until they hit level 15 (whereupon they will be given the Dish Disaster! quest).


There's a commotion in the marketplace--the kind that should make you run away. Being a courageous adventurer, you run towards it instead, and discover a Basi-list, coalescing from a clump of incomplete To-Dos! Nearby Habiticans are paralyzed with fear at the length of the Basi-list, unable to start working. From somewhere in the vicinity, you hear @Arcosine shout: "Quick! Complete your To-Dos and Dailies to defang the monster, before someone gets a paper cut!" Strike fast, adventurer, and check something off - but beware! If you leave any Dailies undone, the Basi-list will attack you and your party!


Defeat the Basi-List.

On Completion[]

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The Basi-list has scattered into paper scraps, which shimmer gently in rainbow colors. "Whew!" says @Arcosine. "Good thing you guys were here!" Feeling more experienced than before, you gather up some fallen gold from among the papers.


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Achievement: The Basi-List x1
Experience Points.png
42 experience
8 gold

Development and Credits[]

  • Release date: November 13, 2014
  • Writers:
  • Artists:

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