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Strength improves the chance and magnitude of critical hits.

Strength (STR) is a character attribute that affects critical hits and boss damage. It is the primary attribute for Warriors and the secondary attribute for Rogues.

This attribute increases the chance that a player will land a critical hit when scoring a task. Strength also increases the bonus gained through critical hits.

Warriors can buff the party's STR using the skill Valorous Presence by an amount determined by their own unbuffed STR. Casting this costs 20 MP.

Players who use Task-Based Allocation will gain Strength by completing Physical tasks.


  • Increases the chance of a critical hit by 1% of the base value per STR point (initial chance is 3%, so a STR of 100 would double the chance to 6%).
  • Increases critical hit bonus (initially by around 2% per STR point, but gives diminishing returns - as STR is increased, each extra point of STR provides a smaller increase to critical hit bonus).
  • Increases damage dealt to monsters during boss quests by 0.5% per STR point.