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Stephen Weber's Shaft of the Dragon is a Legendary, one-handed weapon that the player receives for successfully completing Vice Awakens, the third part of the Vice quest line.

Its bonuses are most clear for Warriors (whose primary attribute is Strength) and Rogues (whose primary attribute is Perception), but it can have benefits for Mages and Healers as well, even though it doesn't buff their primary stats. It can help any player deal more tasked-based damage, earn more gold, and receive more drops. The addition of 25 Perception points to the players total Perception is also enough to increase a player's drop cap by 1.

You can only ever have one copy of Stephen Weber's Shaft of the Dragon at a time; subsequent completions of the quest do not give you additional copies.

However if you lose a Legendary item by death or Rebirth, you can get it back by either:

  • buying it with 200 gold in the Rewards section, as for any equipment lost through death or Rebirth, or
  • repeating the quest, which, on completion, will put a new copy of Stephen Weber's Shaft of the Dragon back in your inventory.

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