A player wishing to start anew in HabitRPG can choose from many options. Each option resets different aspects of the game and carries different risks.

Permanent OptionsEditar

Orb of Rebirth

Orb of Rebirth

Once you confirm any restart option, the changes are permanent. The admins will be unable to reverse your actions, since the changes are made to your character object.

Key to the Kennels

When starting over, the player will always keep any items which could have been bought with gems (see footnote A below concerning limited edition equipment). These include eggs, hatching potions, quest scrolls, food, avatar customization purchases, backgrounds, and gems. You will also keep any achievements you have earned.

The currently available methods for starting over are:

Option Main Feature Best Used For Players Who
Fortify Potion resets all tasks to yellow had setbacks with tasks or have been neglecting tasks
Key to the Kennels releases all 90 (Gen. 1) pets, mounts, or pets and mounts enjoy collecting pets and raising them to mounts
Changing Classes allows you to choose a new class
  • want to try a new class
  • reallocate attribute points
  • enjoy collecting equipment
Orb of Rebirth resets your character to level one have attained a high level and find the game too easy or want the achievement badge
Reset Account resets many parts of your account, including tasks and histories have been playing a short time and want a fresh start

The following table summarizes some of the differences between the options.

Fortify Potion Key to the Kennels Changing Classes Orb of Rebirth Reset Account
Availabilty Any

Beast Master Achievement (4 gems) or Triad Bingo Achievement (free)


Level 50 (8 gems) or Beast Master Achievement (8 gems) or Level 100 (free)

Lose level? No No No Yes Yes
Lose skills? No No Yes Yes Yes
Lose attribute points? No No Reassign points Yes Yes
Lose equipment? No No YesB YesA YesA
Lose pets? No Yes (Gen. 1 only) for pets key No No No
Lose mounts? No Yes (Gen. 1 only) for mounts key No No No
Drops relock? Unlock at level 4 No No No Yes No
Lose gold? No No No Yes Yes
Lose XP? No No No Yes Yes
Lose streaks? No No No Yes Yes
Lose features unlocked? No No No Yes ?
Lose tasks? No (reset to yellow) No No No (reset to yellow) Yes
Lose history? No No No No Yes
Earn achievement? No

Beast Master, Mount Master, and Triad Bingo can be stacked


Yes -  Began a New Adventure - can be stacked


AYou will lose all your equipment but you will be able to buy it all back, including all limited edition equipment or subscriber Mystery Items that you already own. You will need to be in the correct class to re-buy class-specific gear. Limited edition equipment that you had previously purchased (for gold or for gems in the Seasonal Shop) or been given for free (e.g. Mystery Items) will become available to be purchased again for gold (not gems) upon unlocking Rewards at level 2.

BYour Battle Gear is changed but the old gear remains in your inventory.

Changeable OptionsEditar

Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 7.43.45 PM

Players can use the Fix Character Values feature to reset their level without affecting any of their inventory or stats, so a player could change their level to 1. However this is not a true start over option because the player's attribute points are not reset; the player will still be as strong as they were when they were at the higher level.

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