Share Button Lower Left

Option to share your avatar with social media sites

Sharing your avatar and profile with current and future Habiticans is a feature that is helpful to players.

How to UseEditar

When you hover over your avatar, a red Share button will appear in the lower left corner. This lets you share your avatar with social media sites Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. You also have the option of downloading a picture of your avatar.

Information DisplayedEditar

Sharing generates a link to your player statistics and profile. You can customize the message and add more information about HabitRPG if you wish.


Sharing your avatar on Twitter

This profile contains some of the information seen in the Profile popup that other HabitRPG players see when they click on your display name in the Tavern or a guild or party chat area.

However, you cannot send a private message or gifts from this profile version.

After clicking your profile link, the main HabitRPG page will be displayed for a few seconds before your profile pops up.

Known BugsEditar

Sharing Avatar Link Generates Generic LinkEditar

habitrpg Issue #4297

Due to a bug, sharing will sometimes generate a generic link to HabitRPG's task page rather than to your profile. This does not mean that your tasks will be visible when you share the link! Instead, anyone using that link would be taken to HabitRPG's login page.

Solutions: If you would like to share your profile link, you can delete the tasks link and replace it with where ghij0123-012g-3456-klmn-123456opqrst must be replaced with your own unique User ID (available from Settings -> API).