The Necromancer
HP 1500
Strength 3
Quest Scroll Inventory quest scroll moonstone2

Recidivate the Necromancer is a boss quest that marks the second part of the Moonstone Chain quest line. The quest can be purchased from the Market for 4 gems by players of level 65 or higher; the player also receives a copy of the quest scroll for completing the first quest, The Moonstone Chain.

Inventory quest scroll moonstone2 lockedA player needs to be level 65 or above to initiate the quest. Bailey the Town Crier recommends a minimum of level 60 to take part in the quest; lower level party members can still be able to participate in the quest at their own risk.

This is one of the hardest bosses in the game; the Necromancer's health (1500) is as high enough that a party of four without a Mage or a Warrior that does an average of 10 damage per player will finish the quest in 38 days. Furthermore, missing Diarias will cause larger amounts of damage to the group; having a Healer is highly recommended.


The brave weaponsmith @Inventrix helps you fashion the enchanted moonstones into a chain. You’re ready to confront Recidivate at last, but as you enter the Swamps of Stagnation, a terrible chill sweeps over you.

Rotting breath whispers in your ear. "Back again? How delightful..." You spin and lunge, and under the light of the moonstone chain, your weapon strikes solid flesh. "You may have bound me to the world once more," Recidivate snarls, "but now it is time for you to leave it!"


Defeat the Necromancer.


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Achievement: Recidivate the Necromancer x1
Inventory quest scroll moonstone3
The Moonstone Chain Part 3: Recidivate Transformed (Scroll) (Part 3)
Experience Points
1000 experience
500 gold

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