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The Profile is a set of publicly available information about a player. It can be accessed it by clicking on the player's username in any chat, any challenge that they created, or in one of the Halls of Habitica. Private information is never displayed (tasks, gems, financial details, etc).

Profile InfoEditar

The top of the left column of a player's profile is contains any profile photo or description that they have added about themselves. You can add or edit your photo or description by going to User>Profile.

Directly below this is the player's User ID, along with the date they joined HabitRPG and the last date they logged in.


Directly below a player's profile information is their publicly-viewable stats. This includes their:

  • Class
  • Level
  • Current and maximum HPMP, and XP, and current GP
  • Currently equipped equipment
  • Value for each attribute, divided into level, class bonus, allocated, and buffs. Note that the class bonus shown on a profile also includes the value that is listed spearately as coming from equipment on the player's own Stats and Acheievements tab
  • Number of pets and mounts (including those from quests), as well as progress toward the Beast Master and Mount Master achievements


Main article: Avatar

The top of the right column of a player's profile displays their avatar. This includes generic features, pet, mount, and background. 


Main article: Achievements

Below the avatar, you can see what achievements the player has earned.

Social OptionsEditar

At the bottom left corner of a player's profile are three buttons:


Share Button Lower Left
Main article: Sharing

You also have the option to share your avatar and profile with social media sites. A shared profile will not have the private messaging or sending gifts capabilities.