Warrior Beware Dog



Original Cost (Gold)

Effect Description
Bone Club
Weapon special spring2015Warrior.png
90 Increases Strength by 15. It is a real bone club for real fierce doggies and is definitely not a chew toy that the Seasonal Sorceress gave you because who's a good doggy? Whoooo's a good doggy?? It's you!!! You're a good doggy!!!
Beware Armor
Broad armor special spring2015Warrior.png
90 Increases Constitution by 15. Limited Edition 2015 Spring Gear! Only the fiercest doggy is allowed to be this fluffy.
Beware Helm
Head special spring2015Warrior.png
60 Increases Strength by 9. Limited Edition 2015 Spring Gear! Beware the Helm! Only a fierce doggy can wear it. Stop laughing.
Dish Discus
Shield special spring2015Warrior.png
70 Increases Constitution by 7. Limited Edition 2015 spring Gear! Hurl it at your enemies.... or just hold it, because it will fill up with yummy kibble at dinnertime.
Purple Dog Ears
HeadAccessory special spring2015Warrior.png
20 Confers no benefit They are purple. They are dog ears. Do not waste your time with further foolishness.
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