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Original Cost (Gold)

Effect Description
Exploding Squeak
Shield special spring2015Rogue.png
80 Increases Strength by 8. Don't let the sound fool you - these explosives pack a punch.
Squeaker Robes
Broad armor special spring2015Rogue.png
90 Increases Perception by 15. Limited Edition 2015 Spring Gear! Furry, soft, and definitely not flammable.
Fireproof Helm
Head special spring2015Rogue.png
60 Increases Perception by 9. Limited Edition 2015 Spring Gear! Fire? HAH! You squeak fiercely in the face of fire!
Yellow Mouse Ears
HeadAccessory special spring2015Rogue.png
20 Confers no benefit These ears steel themselves against the sound of explosions.