Mystic Hourglass is a special item given to subscribers who maintain a 3-month consecutive subscription.

Mysterious time travelers

Mysterious Time Travelers

The Mystic Hourglass summons the Mysterious Time Travelers who will allow the player to select a Mystery Item set from previous months or the exclusive future Mystery Item Steampunk Sets to be awarded in the year 3015.

The Mystic Hourglass is found in the Special Items section of the player's Inventory page.

Mystic Hourglasses are awarded when a player has a subscription for 3 consecutive months. This can be accomplished through either recurring or block subscriptions. 3-month consecutive subscriptions also increase the player's gold gem cap.

Please note that the subscription months MUST be consecutive. If you cancel your subscription, the month count drops back to zero.

Subscription Type Mystic Hourglasses Gold Gem Cap When Received
1-month recurring 1 +5 after 3 consecutive months
3-month block, gift or recurring 1 +5 immediately after purchase
6-month block, gift or recurring 2 +10 immediately after purchase
12-month block, gift or recurring 4 +20 immediately after purchase

Information for Developers

This section contains information of interest to HabitRPG developers. It is not of use for normal gameplay or task management.
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In HabitRPG's database and in the data extracted from the database using the API, the number of unused Hourglasses that a subscriber has is stored in the purchased.plan.consecutive.trinkets field.

In your local install, you can give five Hourglasses to your test account by using this mongo database command:

db.users.update({_id: '27ea88b6-...'}, {$set: {'purchased.plan.consecutive.trinkets':5}})