Mysterious time travelers

Mysterious Time Travelers

Mysterious Time Travelers are available to a subscriber who has received the Mystic Hourglass, a reward for subscribing 3-consecutive months.

Subscriber BenefitEditar

This benefit allows the subscriber to purchase a Mystery Set from previous months. Being subscribed for 3 consecutive months is the only way to get these past items if you missed them. They will never be available to non-subscribers.

One Mystic Hourglass will be awarded for every 3-month consecutive subscription. Please note that the subscription months MUST be consecutive. If you cancel your subscription, the month count drops back to zero.

Exclusive Steampunk SetsEditar

Steampunk item sets
The Mysterious Time Travelers are also offering two brand-new item sets - the Steampunk Standard Item Set and the Steampunk Accessory Item Set! These item sets can only be obtained if you have a Mystic Hourglass.
Steampunk Standard Item Set
(confers no benefit)
Broad armor mystery 301404
Weapon mystery 301404
Eyewear mystery 301404
Head mystery 301404
Steampunk Suit Steampunk Cane Eyewear Goggles Fancy Top Hat
Steampunk Accessory Item Set
(confers no benefit)
Shield mystery 301405
Eyewear mystery 301405
HeadAccessory mystery 301405
Head mystery 301405
Clock Shield Monocle Headwear Goggles Basic Top Hat

How to UseEditar

The Mystic Hourglass will be found in the Special Items in your Inventory. Click on it to go to the Mysterious Time Travelers page.

The player can also access the Mysterious Time Travelers through the Inventory menu bar.

The Time Travelers will greet you and explain which previous Mystery Item sets, including the exclusive Steampunk sets, are available to select.

Updated Time Travelers

To purchase a set, click on one of the items in the set. A popup will open asking you to confirm or cancel your purchase.


After PurchaseEditar

Once purchased, the items appear in your Inventory with other Mystery Items. Your Mysterious Time Traveler page will now be blank until you earn another Mystic Hourglass. The Mysterious Time Travelers will tell you: