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Mustaine's Milestone Mashing Morningstar is Legendary Equipment awarded to any player completing The Iron Knight--the third and final quest in the Golden Knight quest line, which begins with A Stern Talking-To. It is carried in the shield hand.

You can only ever have one copy of Mustaine's Milestone Mashing Morningstar at a time; subsequent completions of the quest do not give you additional copies.

However if you lose a Legendary item by death or Rebirth, you can get it back by either:

  • buying it with 200 gold in the Rewards section, as for any equipment lost through death or Rebirth, or
  • repeating the quest, which, on completion, will put a new copy of Mustaine's Milestone Mashing Morningstar back in your inventory.


Kickstarter backers who pledged at a high enough level received the original version of Mustaine's Milestone Mashing Morningstar, which is a main hand weapon that grants +17 to STR, INT, and CON, and can be equipped in tandem with the quest reward version of the Morningstar described on this page. It is not possible for other HabitRPG users to get the Kickstarter-only version.

fr:Masse Massacreuse Majeure de Mustaine