The Mage (previously known as the Wizard) is a class that citizens of Habitica can select when they reach level 10. 

Mages deal high damage to tasks, gaining experience faster than other classes. Mages can cast spells on multiple tasks and party members. They are also powerful classes to have for boss battles.


  • Mages can level up faster than other classes, since their primary attribute is Intelligence. Leveling up restores HP and provides attribute points.
  • The Chilling Frost skill provides the unique ability to "freeze" streaks. This may be valuable to players who value long streaks and feel that it's okay to allow an occasional lapse without losing their progress.
  • Like Warriors, Mages have an ability (Burst of Flames) that can deal extra damage to bosses.
  • Mages can also increase the party's Intelligence, increasing their rate of experience gain, or restore their companions' mana points (MP). This can motivate party members to be more aggressive in completing their own tasks, or it can allow any of the other classes to use extra skills in an emergency.
  • With their skills, a party of high-level Mages has the potential for generating limitless amounts of MP, which translates to unlimited buffs to Intelligence, which leads to unlimited experience gain.


  • Consulta las páginas Habilidades y potenciadores para más información sobre el funcionamiento de las habilidades y los potenciadores.
  • Todos los efectos de las habilidades se basan en los atributos del que lanza la habilidad en el momento de hacerlo, no en los atributos de los demás compañeros de equipo.
  • Algunas habilidades también se ven afectadas por el valor de la tarea sobre la que se lanzan.
  • Ciertas habilidades ajustan el valor de la tarea sobre la que se lanzan. No tienen ningún efecto continuo sobre la tarea.
  • Las habilidades nunca marcan una tarea como completada. No tienes que completar una tarea antes o después de usar una habilidad sobre la misma. Puedes usar una habilidad tanto sobre tareas completadas como sobre tareas sin completar.
  • Todas las habilidades que potencian al equipo también potencian al lanzador, salvo que se indique lo contrario.
  • Los potenciadores se aplican de forma inmediata y persisten hasta el siguiente Cron de cada miembro del equipo.
  • Las habilidades no afectan a las misiones, salvo que se indique lo contrario.
  • Consulta la sección "Habilidades y Potenciadores" en la Herramienta de Visualización de Datos de Usuario para aprender más sobre el efecto exacto que tendrá cada habilidad cuando la uses.

Burst of Flames
MP Cost 10 MP
Unlock Level 11
Target Task
Description Flames burst from your hands. You gain XP, and you deal extra damage to

Bosses! (Based on: INT)

Maximize Effects To increase the effects, maximize your INT and cast the skill on your bluest task.
Critical Hit? To increase the chance of a critical hit and to increase the effects of the critical hit (i.e., to increase the effects of the skill if a critical hit occurs), increase your PER.
Notes Increases the player's Experience and does damage to a quest boss.
Calculation The damage to the boss without critical hits is INT/10 rounded to the next integer.

For XP, Bonus = (Task Value + 1) + (PER * 0.075)

(If Task Value < 0, then Task Value will be set to 0)
XP = 75 * Bonus / (Bonus + 37.5)

Examples With INT = 20 the boss damage without critical hits = 2.

With INT 57 is 6.
With INT 91 is 10.
With INT 150 is 15.

Without a critical hit and with PER = 25, a green Task Value = 4, Bonus = 7 and XP = 12
Without a critical hit and with PER = 25, a bright blue Task Value = 18, Bonus = 21 and XP = 27
Without a critical hit and with PER = 125, a green Task Value = 4, Bonus = 14 and XP = 20
Without a critical hit and with PER = 125, a bright blue Task Value = 18, Bonus = 28 and XP = 32

Changes Does not change the task value

Does less damage to quest bosses
Will damage a quest boss even if it is cast before the quest starts (but on the same day)
XP is not capped at 75, but diminishing returns will give a similar effect.

Ethereal Surge
MP Cost 30 MP
Unlock Level 12
Target Party
Description You sacrifice mana to help your friends. The rest of your party gains MP!(Based on: INT)
Maximize Effects To increase the effects, maximize your INT.
Critical Hit? Does not occur.
Notes Gives mana to every player in the party, except the player who casts the skill.
Calculation INT increase = INT * 25 / (INT + 125)
Examples For INT = 25, INT buff is 4

For INT = 125, INT buff is 13

Changes No significant change to effects of skill

Uses diminishing returns
Is not capped at 25 MP but diminishing returns gives a similar effect

MP Cost 35 MP
Unlock Level 13
Target Party
Description Your mental power shakes the earth. Your whole party gains a buff to Intelligence! (Based on: Unbuffed INT)
Maximize Effects To increase the effects, maximize your INT with attribute points or gear (buffs to INT will not make this skill stronger).
Critical Hit? Does not occur.
Notes Increases the INT of every player in the party.
Calculation INT increase = Unbuffed INT * 30 / (Unbuffed INT + 200)
Examples For unbuffed INT = 25, INT buff will be 3

For unbuffed INT = 125, INT buff will be 12

Changes Stronger

Uses diminishing returns
Is not capped at 30, but diminishing returns gives a similar effect
Uses unbuffed stat to determine the strength of the skill

Chilling Frost
MP Cost 40 MP
Unlock Level 14
Target Player
Description Ice covers your tasks. None of your streaks will reset to zero tomorrow!

(One cast affects all streaks.)

Maximize Effects Prevents the streaks on all the player's uncompleted Dailies from being set to zero. Uncompleted Dailies will still cause damage to the player and to party members if they and the player are on a boss quest.
Critical Hit? Does not occur.
Calculation None
Examples None
Changes None


Mage weapons are the only two-handed items in the game. They use both the weapon slot and the shield/off-hand slot. Equipping a Mage weapon will automatically unequip your shield or off-hand weapon, meaning that you cannot use an item in the off-hand slot if you are using a Mage weapon. Conversely, if you equip a weapon or shield in your off-hand slot, it unequips the Mage weapon. You will see a message: "(Mage Weapon Name) is two handed."

It costs 1210 gold to buy every piece of Mage equipment. The World Event sets each cost 310 gold.



Cost (Gold)

Effect Description Notes
Apprentice Staff
0 Confers no benefit. Practice staff. Starting gear.
Wooden Staff
30 Increases INT by 3.

Increases PER by 1.

Basic implement of carven wood. Requires Apprentice Staff.
Jeweled Staff
50 Increases INT by 6.

Increases PER by 2.

Focuses power through a precious stone. Requires Wooden Staff.
Iron Staff
80 Increases INT by 9.

Increases PER by 3.

Plated in metal to channel heat, cold, and lightning. Requires Jeweled Staff.
Brass Staff
120 Increases INT by 12.

Increases PER by 5.

As powerful as it is heavy. Requires Iron Staff.
Archmage Staff
160 Increases INT by 15.

Increases PER by 7.

Assists in weaving the most complex of spells. Requires Brass Staff.
Golden Staff
Weapon wizard 6
200 Increases INT by 18.

Increases PER by 10.

Fashioned of orichalcum, the alchemic gold, mighty and rare. Requires Archmage Staff.

Spring Fling 2015



Original Cost (Gold)

Effect Description
Magician's Wand
Weapon special springMage
160 Increases Perception by 7 and Intelligence by 15. Limited Edition 2015 Spring Gear! Conjure yourself up a carrot with this fancy wand.
Magician's Bunny Suit
Broad armor special springMage
90 Increases Intelligence by 9. Limited Edition 2015 Spring Gear! Your coattails match your cottontail!
Stage Mage Hat
Head special springMage
60 Increases Perception by 7. Limited Edition 2015 spring Gear! Which came first, the bunny or the hat?
Blue Bunny Ears
HeadAccessory special springMage
20 Confers no benefit These ears listen keenly, in case somewhere a magician is revealing secrets.

Grand Gala EquipmentEditar

This table shows the special class gear from the previous Grand Galas. This equipment is available in the Seasonal Shop which opens during each Grand Gala.

Year/Grand Gala/Item Set Weapon Armor Head Accessory
Summer Splash
Emerald Mermage
Weapon special summerMage
Kelp Catcher
Broad armor special summerMage
Emerald Tail
Head special summerMage
Kelp-Wrapped Hat
Body special summerMage
Shining Capelet
Fall Festival
Witchy Wizard
Magic broom
Magic Broom
Witchy wizard robes
Witchy Wizard Robes
Pointy hat
Pointy Hat
Spring Fling
Magic Mouse
Swiss Cheese Staff
Rodentia Robes
Swiss Cheese Hat
Blue Mouse Ears
Winter Wonderland
Mage of the North
Weapon special winter2015Mage
Winter-lit Staff
Broad armor special winter2015Mage
Boreal Robe
Head special winter2015Mage
Aurora Hat
Spring Fling
Magician's Bunny
Weapon special springMage
Magician's Wand
Broad armor special springMage
Magician's Bunny Suit
Head special springMage
Stage Mage Hat
HeadAccessory special springMage
Blue Bunny Ears
Winter Wonderland
Candy Cane
Candy Cane Staff
Candy Cane Robe
Candy Cane Hat

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