Most equipment, items, and customization options are available for purchase year-round. However, in some cases, usually in conjunction with Grand Galas, certain pieces of equipment, items, and customization options will be available only for a short period of time. During the 2014 Fall Festival, the staff introduced five categories of item availability to help alleviate user confusion about whether or not a particular item, quest, hairstyle, hair color, or skin would be available again in the future.

Limited Edition Editar

Limited Edition items or customizations are available for a short period of time only. After this time frame, they may be Retired or made Seasonal Edition items. If they are upgraded to Seasonal Edition, something about them will change - either there will be small but noticeable art edits, or there will be a price change (e.g. a gold-only item becoming gem-only, or a gem-only item becoming more expensive).

Current Limited Edition Items Editar

These items have not yet been upgraded to Seasonal Edition or Retired:

Year/Grand Gala Item Set
2014 Spring Fling Pastel Hair Colors
2014 Summer Splash Class Gear
Summer outfits
2014 Fall Festival Class Gear
FallFestival Outfits Candy
2015 Winter Wonderland Class Gear
Winter Wonderland 2015 Gear
2015 Spring Fling Class Gear
Promo springclasses2015

Seasonal Edition Editar

Seasonal Edition items and customization options are only available to purchase in a given time frame (e.g. the month of October), but recur in the same fixed season (e.g. every Fall Festival) once a year without being changed. For example, if you had purchased only two of the Haunted Hair Colors by October 31st, you would have to wait until the next Fall Festival to purchase the rest.

Seasonal Edition items can be Retired, but there will be advance notice before this is the case. When available, Seasonal Edition items are specially marked.

Current Seasonal Edition Items Editar

Year Introduced/Grand Gala Item Set Available in
2014 Fall Festival Supernatural Skins
Supernatural skins
2014 Fall Festival Haunted Hair Colors
Haunted colors
2015 Winter Wonderland Wintery Hair Colors
Winter Wonderland 2015 Hair
2014 Winter Wonderland Class Gear
Winter Wonderland Special Gear
Seasonal Shop
2014 Winter Wonderland Trapper Santa quest
Inventory quest scroll evilsanta
Seasonal Shop
2014 Winter Wonderland Find the Cub quest
Inventory quest scroll evilsanta2
Seasonal Shop
2014 Spring Fling Class Gear
Spring Fling Costumes
Seasonal Shop
2014 Spring Fling Egg Hunt quest
Inventory quest scroll egg
Seasonal Shop

Retired Editar

If something is Retired, it means that the exact items or customizations will never be available again. Similar items or customizations may be released, but there will always be art differences.

Retired Items Editar

Year/Grand Gala Item Set
2013 Fall Festival Spooky Skins
2014 Winter Wonderland Holiday Hair Colors

Mystery Editar

Mystery Items are only available to subscribers and will never be available to non-subscribers.

Always Available Editar

If an item does not belong to any of the above categories, it should be considered always available. This is the default category for most equipment pieces, quests, items, backgrounds, and customization options. For this reason, items that are always available will not be explicitly labeled as such.

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