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Hatching Potions allow players to hatch pets by combining potions with eggs. The egg determines the type of pet that will hatch, and the potion determines its color or other attributes. Any pet can be hatched with any potion.

All potions are available as drops that happen randomly for completing Habits, Dailies, and To-Dos once players attain level four. Players can also purchase hatching potions in the Market for gems, or sell them for gold. The potions range in value from Base, which hatches a normal pet and sells for 2 gold, to Golden, which hatches a cheerful golden-colored pet and sells for 5 gold.   

Drop Probability Editar

When a potion drops, the type of potion is determined randomly. Different types have different drop probabilities:

  • 40% chance of receiving a Base, Desert, or White potion
  • 30% chance of receiving a Red, Shade, or Skeleton potion
  • 23.33% chance of receiving a Cotton Candy Blue, Cotton Candy Pink, or Zombie potion
  • 6.67% chance of receiving a Golden potion

Note that due to the random nature of drops, individual users may receive certain potions at higher or lower rates than those quoted above.

Using PotionsEditar


Highlighted Eggs

Under the Inventory tab, you will see the potions you currently own. Click on a potion to highlight with a green circle any eggs you can hatch with that potion. Click on a highlighted egg to bring up a prompt to confirm if you would like to hatch it using the selected potion.

If an egg is not highlighted, that means that you already have a pet of that type with the potion you have selected. (For example, if you already have a red wolf, clicking on a red hatching potion will not highlight any wolf eggs in your inventory.) However, once you have upgraded a pet to a mount, you may hatch a second pet of that type to replace it, enabling you to use a pet and mount of the same species and color at once.

Available Hatching PotionsEditar

Hatching Potions Gem Price
Sell Price
Base hatching potion
Base 2 2
White hatching potion
White 2 2
Desert hatching potion
Desert 2 2
Red hatching potion
Red 3 3
Shade hatching potion
Shade 3 3
Skeleton hatching potion
Skeleton 3 3
Zombie hatching potion
Zombie 4 4
Cotton candy pink hatching potion
Cotton Candy Pink 4 4
Cotton candy blue hatching potion
Cotton Candy Blue 4 4
Golden hatching potion
Golden 5 5

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