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Halls are lists that honor those who have aided in the development of HabitRPG by listing their usernames and contributions. Two halls have been implemented. These are the Hall of Heroes, which honors content contributors, and the Hall of Patrons, which honors financial contributors. Halls are located in the Social tab.

Hall of HeroesEditar


The Hall of Heroes (direct link) lists all users who have contributed their time and efforts to HabitRPG, whether by working on the code, sharing the site, editing the wiki, adding art assets, or other contributions.

The list is arranged by the number of contributions the person has made, from most to least. The Hall also displays the titles of contributors, which state what they did in order to gain contributor status. Further details can be added in the next column.

Contributors who have performed admin duties show a 'Game Master' star by their names in the Hall of Heroes.

If a player wishes to be added to the Hall of Heroes, they should read about contributing to HabitRPG.

Hall of PatronsEditar

Hall of Patrons with Inbox

The Hall of Patrons (direct link) is a list of Habit users that have helped HabitRPG by contributing to the Kickstarter campaign. The list is arranged by how much money each user has contributed, from most to least. You can find more about the Kickstarter and backers on the Kickstarter page.

Future HallsEditar

There has been talk of adding a Hall that would contain everyone in Habitica. This would be an opt-in feature, for privacy reasons. Another potential Hall is the "Hall of Gems," documenting everyone who has donated to the site via the purchase oféons de Habitica