Each Habitican develops their own unique way to use HabitRPG's tasks, but there is always curiosity about what others have on their lists. This page allows Habiticans to share some of their task lists with others. Since the HabitRPG community is global and has users from all ages and backgrounds, seeing shared tasks can be very enlightening and educational for all.


HabitRPG - check that drop cap met using DDT
HabitRPG - pay for Wishing Well if used
Feed fish morning/evening
Get and sort mail
Take vitamins and medications morning/evening
Floss teeth
Put oil on fingernails
Drink 60 ounces of water (checklist for 5 - 12 ounce increments)
Weigh using scale
Log foods in online food journal
Walk 5000 steps (graduated for 7500, 10000, and 15000)
Climb 10 floors (graduated for 20, 30, and 40)
Plug phone at night to recharge
Put away dishes
Run dishwasher
Read pages in book or magazine
Read newspaper
Clip and organize coupons
Get rid of junk mail
Fill bird feeders
Get out of bed by 9am
Edit wiki
Duolingo (checklist for timed practice, untimed practice, and new lesson)
Do something creative for 15 minutes
Work on thesis
Time cards (due once a week)
Go to all classes
Check email
Has the trash been taken out? (for people who check Habits right before bedtime)
Wipe down the stove and/or sink
Plan today (in the morning) or plan tomorrow (in the evening)
Complete X # of Pomodoros on a particular task
5 minute starts - get started with 5 minutes of work on a task you've been putting off (such as 5 minutes of inbox cleaning, studying, brainstorming, etc.)
Add to the Happiness Jar (one happy thing that happened that day)


Weigh or measure food items before eating
Eat protein snack
Eat fruits
Use coupons for purchases
Jog in place for 1 minute
Turn out lights in room when leaving
No between meal snacking
No nail biting
Drink water instead of soda
Drink glass of water
15 minutes of assigned reading
10 minutes past bedtime (-)
5 minutes cleaning
Install updates on computer
Eat an unhealthy snack or meal (-)
Salad/Fast Food (+, -)
Water / Soda (+, -)
Stairs / Elevator (+, -)
Ride bike instead of taking car
Getting out of my comfort zone


Next dentist appointment
Get a new watch
File amended financial student aid forms
Update holiday card list with new addresses
Clean out email folders
April: Get tires aligned on car
Research Portland hotels for trip
Empty out email inbox
Contact Julie re: wedding invitation


Rewards Gold
Use Wishing Well (all day) 200
Use Fix Character Values to add 100 Mana points 1000
Feed 5 HabitRPG pets 25
Gold Bank
Buy a book 1000
60 minutes of video games 100
Eat "unhealthy" food (from Work for Food challenge)
Eat "healthy" meal or snack (from Work for Food challenge)
Skip a Daily 100