HabitRPG User Data Display

Maintainer: Alys
Release: 3.6.1a / December 22, 2014
License: GPL v3
User data display app


A webpage, maintained by a HabitRPG mod, that shows you certain information from your HabitRPG account, including:

  • Task Overview,
  • Task Statistics,
  • Tasks Untagged,
  • Habit History,
  • Habit Trends,
  • Dailies History,
  • Dailies Incomplete,
  • To-Dos with Dates,
  • To-Dos Completed,
  • Drops Received Today,
  • Quest Progress,
  • Damage from Dailies,
  • Stats and Streaks Backup,
  • Unallocated Points,
  • Missing Equipment,
  • Current Appearance and Gear,
  • Equipment Recommendations,
  • Skills and Buffs,
  • And more in the future.

The tool's home page shows you a description of each of these features (login not necessary). Click on the version number in the tool's header to see the version history.


Enter your API details, click "Fetch My Data", and then click on links.

Resting in the InnEditar


Display when Resting in the Inn

When Resting in the Inn, the display shows a box marked with Zzzzs instead of the boxes referring to incomplete Dailies and estimated damage. Even while resting, the player can choose to display their statistics, drops, and other information.