Group Plans

The Features of the different Group Plans

Group Plans are a way of supporting HabitRPG while providing a more personalized, group-centric experience. These plans allow for more control, privacy, security, and support than traditional subscriptions or free play. Examples of players who may wish to utilize a group plan include families, health and wellness groups, and employee groups. An earlier iteration of this idea was called the "Enterprise Edition".

Types of PlansEditar

Currently, there are three types of group plan in development – family, group, and organization plans. The family plan is intended for families to use, the group plan is intended for small groups or organizations (like a large interest group), and the organization plan is designed for large-scale commercial use by businesses. However, the only group plan that is currently available for purchase is the organization plan. Those interested in purchasing a family or group plan are able to make expressions of interest through a contact form (see the "Contact Us" buttons at the bottom of the Group Plans page) and will be notified when these plans are available.

Plan FeaturesEditar

The features of each plan vary to allow for variation in the needs of the user. For example, an organization may prefer a custom domain through which its workers access the features of HabitRPG, while a family does not require such a feature. The features for each type of plan are listed below.

  • Family: Private Organization, A maximum of 10 members, The ability to purchase gems with gold, and Infinite leader gems.
  • Group: Private Organization, A maximum of 75 members, 5 support hours per month, The ability to purchase gems with gold, and Infinite leader gems.
  • Organization: Private Organization, A personal database and server, A custom domain, Unlimited members, Priority Support, 10 support hours per month, the ability to purchase gems with gold, and Infinite leader gems.

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