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The Grand Galas are the four seasonal events that happen each year in Habitica:

Each Gala brings several additions to HabitRPG, including festive equipment, avatar customization options, a few special holiday treats, and sometimes new game mechanics. They usually start on or near the seasonal equinoxes or solstices and end on the last day of the following month, lasting about a month and a half total.

Game Features Introduced[]

Seasonalshop closed.png

The term Grand Gala was first used in December 2014 when the Seasonal Shop was added to the Inventory tab. The shop first opened later that month as part of Winter Wonderland 2014-2015.

Grand Gala Gear[]

The following table shows all the Grand Gala gear that has been introduced for players. The gear for each previous year is available in the Seasonal Shop for the duration of a specific Grand Gala event.

Grand Gala/
Item Set
Weapon Armor Shield Head Head Accessory
Spring Fling
Beware Dog
It is a real bone club for real fierce doggies and is definitely not a chew toy that the Seasonal Sorceress gave you because who's a good doggy? Whoooo's a good doggy?? It's you!!! You're a good doggy!!! Increases STR by 15.
Bone Club
Only the fiercest doggy is allowed to be this fluffy. Increases CON by 15.
Beware Armor
Hurl it at your enemies.... or just hold it, because it will fill up with yummy kibble at dinnertime. Increases CON by 7.
Dish Discus
Beware the Helm! Only a fierce doggy can wear it. Stop laughing. Increases STR by 9
Beware Helm
They are purple. They are dog ears. Do not waste your time with further foolishness. Confers no benefit.
Purple Dog Ears
Winter Wonderland
Gingerbread Warrior
This delicious sword probably attracts monsters... but you're up for the challenge! Increases STR by 15.
Gumdrop Sword
Cozy and warm, straight from the oven! Increases CON by 9.
Gingerbread Armor
This seemingly-sugary shield is actually made of nutritious, gelatinous vegetables. Increases CON by 7.
Gumdrop Shield
Think, think, think as hard as you can. Increases STR by 9
Gingerbread Helm
Winter Wonderland
Warrior Yeti
This spear allows its user to command any yeti. Increases STR by 15.
Yeti-Tamer Spear
Fuzzy and fierce. Increases CON by 9.
Yeti-Tamer Robe
This shield reflects light from the snow.Increases CON by 7.
Yeti-Tamer Shield
An adorably fearsome hat. Increases STR by 9
Yeti-Tamer Helm
Summer Splash
Daring Swashbuckler
There isn't any To-Do list willing to tangle with this gnarly knife! Increases STR by 15.
Seafaring Slicer
Complete with buckle, as well as swash. Increases CON by 9.
Swashbuckler Robes
This shield, made from the wood of wrecked ships, can deter even the stormiest Dailies. Increases CON by 7.
Driftwood Shield
This soft, salty cloth fills its wearer with strength.Increases STR by 9
Swashbuckler Bandana
It doesn't take a rapscallion to see how stylish this is! Confers no stat bonus.
Dashing Eyepatch
Fall Festival
Monster of Science
This grabby claw is at the very cutting edge of technology. Increases STR by 15.
Grabby Claw of Science
Protects you from mysterious potion spills. Increases CON by 9.
Labcoat of Science
Spills mysteriously on lab coats. Increases CON by 7
Potent Potion of Science
Graft on this helm! It's only SLIGHTLY used. Increases STR by 9.
Monster Scalp of Science
Spring Fling
Mighty Bunny
This mighty sword can slice foes with ease! It also makes a delicious mid-battle snack. Increases STR by 15.
Carrot Sword
Soft as clover, strong as steel! Increases CON by 9
Clover-steel Armor
This shield never cracks, no matter how hard you hit it! Increases CON by 7.
Egg Shield
Welded from sweet meadow clover, this helmet can resist even the mightiest blow. Increases STR by 9.
Clover-steel Helmet
Bunny ears that keenly detect every crunch of a carrot. Confers no benefit.
Green Bunny Ears

Year/Grand Gala/Item Set Weapon Armor Head Accessory
Summer Splash
Emerald Mermage
This trident is used to spear seaweed effectively, for extra-productive kelp harvesting! Adds 15 points to INT and 7 points to PER.
Kelp Catcher
This garment of shimmering scales transforms its wearer into a real Mermage! Adds 9 points to INT.
Emerald Tail
What could be more magical than a hat wrapped in seaweed? Adds 7 points to PER.
Kelp-Wrapped Hat
Neither salt water nor fresh water can tarnish this metallic capelet. Confers no stat bonus.
Shining Capelet
Fall Festival
Witchy Wizard
This enchanted broom flies faster than a dragon! This is a weapon that goes in the Staff slot. It is not a mount. Increases INT by 15. Increases PER by 7.
Magic Broom
This robe has plenty of pockets to hold extra helpings of eye of newt and tongue of frog. Increases INT by 9.
Witchy Wizard Robes
Magic is woven into every thread of this hat. Increases PER by 7
Pointy Hat
Spring Fling
Magic Mouse
Only the most powerful rodents can brave their hunger to wield this potent staff. Increases INT by 15. Increases Perception by 7.
Swiss Cheese Staff
Mice are nice! Increases INT by 9.
Rodentia Robes
This hat stores lots of powerful magic! Try not to nibble it. Increases PER by 7.
Swiss Cheese Hat
These round mouse ears are silky-soft. Confers no benefit
Blue Mouse Ears
Winter Wonderland
Mage of the North
The light of this crystal staff fills hearts with cheer. Increases INT by 15 and PER by 7.
Winter-lit Staff
You can see the glimmering lights of the north in this robe. Increases INT by 9.
Boreal Robe
The fabric of this hat shifts and glows when the wearer studies. Increases PER by 7.
Aurora Hat
Spring Fling
Magician's Bunny
Conjure yourself up a carrot with this fancy wand. Increases PER by 7 and INT by 15.
Magician's Wand
Your coattails match your cottontail! Increases INT by 9.
Magician's Bunny Suit
Which came first, the bunny or the hat? Increases PER by 7.
Stage Mage Hat
These ears listen keenly, in case somewhere a magician is revealing secrets. Confers no benefit
Blue Bunny Ears
Winter Wonderland
Candy Cane
A powerful mage's staff. Powerfully DELICIOUS, we mean! Two-handed weapon. Increases INT by 15 and PER by 7.
Candy Cane Staff
Spun from sugar and silk. Increases INT by 9.
Candy Cane Robe
This is the most delicious hat in the world. It is also known to appear and disappear mysteriously. Increases PER by 7.
Candy Cane Hat

Year/Grand Gala/Item Set Weapon Armor Head Shield Accessory
Fall Festival
Mummy Medic
The scarab on this wand protects and heals its wielder. Increases INT by 9.
Scarab Wand
Charge into battle pre-bandaged! Increases CON by 15.
Gauzy Gear
Highly sanitary and very fashionable. Increases INT by 7.
Head Bandages
This glittery shield was found in an ancient tomb. Increases CON by 9.
Jeweled Shield
Summer Splash
Reef Seahealers
This wand, made of aquamarine and live coral, is very attractive to schools of fish. Adds 9 points to INT.
Wand of the Shallows
This garment of shimmering scales transforms its wearer into a real Seahealer! Adds 15 points to CON.
Seahealer Tail
Enables its wearer to heal damaged reefs. Adds 7 points to INT.
Coral Crown
No one will dare to attack the coral reef when faced with this shiny shield! Adds 9 points to CON.
Shield of the Shallows
A stylish collar of live coral! Confers no benefit.
Coral Collar
Spring Fling
Loving Pup
FETCH! Increases INT by 9.
Lovely Bone
Warm and snuggly, but protects its owner from harm. Increases CON by 15.
Fuzzy Puppy Robes
This crown symbolizes loyalty and companionship. A dog is an adventurer's best friend, after all! Increases INT by 7.
Crown of Friendship
Lets out an obnoxious, continuous squeak when bitten, driving enemies away Increases CON by 9.
Squeaky Ball of Ultimate Protection
Floppy but cute. Wanna play? Confers no benefit
Yellow Dog Ears
Winter Wonderland
This wand sparkles with unlimited healing power. Increases INT by 9.
Snowflake Wand
A robe to keep you warm, even in a blizzard. Increases CON by 15.
Snowflake Robe
The wearer of this crown is never cold. Increases INT by 7.
Snowflake Crown
Every shield is unique. Increases CON by 9.
Snowflake Shield
Winter Wonderland
Soothing Skater
This scepter warms sore muscles and soothes away stress. Increases INT by 9.
Soothing Scepter
Ice-skating is very relaxing, but you shouldn't try it without this protective gear in case you get attacked by the icicle drakes. Increases CON by 15.
Skating Outfit
These warm earmuffs keep out chills and distracting noises. Increases INT by 7.
Snuggly Earmuffs
This shield deflects the freezing wind. Increases CON by 9.
Soothing Shield
Spring Fling
Comforting Kitty
When you wave it, it makes a fascinating clickety noise that would keep ANYONE entertained for hours. Increases INT by 9.
Cat Rattle
This soft catsuit is comfortable, and as comforting as mint tea. Increases CON by 15.
Comforting Catsuit
he pearl at the center of this crown calms and comforts those around it. Increases INT by 7.
Comforting Crown
You can rest your head on this soft pillow, or you can wrestle it with your fearsome claws. Rawr! Increases CON by 9.
Patterned Pillow
These cute kitty ears will make others green with envy. Confers no benefit
Green Kitty Ears

Year/Grand Gala/Item Set Weapon Armor Head Shield Accessory
Fall Festival
Vampire Smiter
Dispatches undead. Also grants a bonus against werewolves. Increases STR by 8.
Silver Stake
Vivid. Velvet. Vampiric. Increases PER by 15.
Bloodred Robes
A Vampire Smiter's identity must always be hidden. Increases PER by 9.
Bloodred Hood
Summer Splash
Roguish Pirates
Avast! You'll make those Dailies walk the plank! Adds 8 points to STR.
Pirate Cutlass
These robes be very cozy, yarrrr! Adds 15 points to PER.
Pirate Robes
Only the most productive of pirates can wear this fine hat. Adds 9 points to PER.
Pirate Hat
It doesn't take a scallywag to see how stylish this is! Confers no stat bonus.
Roguish Eyepatch
Spring Fling
Stealthy Kitty
Great for scaling tall buildings, and also for shredding carpets. Increases STR by 8.
Hook Claws
Impeccably groomed. Increases PER by 15.
Sleek Cat Suit
Nobody will EVER guess that you are a cat burglar! Increases PER by 9.
Stealthy Kitty Mask
These feline ears twitch to detect incoming treats. Confers no benefit
Purple Cat Ears
Winter Wonderland
A weapon capable of destroying hordes of enemies! It also helps the user make very nice parallel turns. Increases STR by 8.

Ski-sassin Pole

ull of secret daggers and ski trail maps. Increases PER by 15.

Ski-sassin Parka

Keeps the wearer's identity secret... and their face toasty. Increases PER by 9.

Ski-sassin Helm

Winter Wonderland
Icicle Drake
You truly, definitely, absolutely just picked these up off of the ground. Increases STR by 8.
Ice Spike
This armor is freezing cold, but it will definitely be worth it when you uncover the untold riches at the center of the Icicle Drake hives. Not that you are looking for any such untold riches, because you are truly, definitely, absolutely a genuine Icicle Drake, okay?! Stop asking questions! Increases PER by 15
Icicle Drake Armor
ou are truly, definitely, absolutely a genuine Icicle Drake. You are not infiltrating the Icicle Drake hives. You have no interest at all in the hoards of riches rumored to lie in their frigid tunnels. Rawr. Increases PER by 9.
Icicle Drake Mask
Spring Fling
Sneaky Squeaker
Don't let the sound fool you - these explosives pack a punch. Increases STR by 8.
Exploding Squeak
Furry, soft, and definitely not flammable. Increases PER by 15.
Squeaker Robes
Fire? HAH! You squeak fiercely in the face of fire! Increases PER by 9.Fireproof Helm These ears steel themselves against the sound of explosions. Confers no benefit
Yellow Mouse Ears

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