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HabitRPG is largely based on gamification, or putting real-life tasks in the context of a game to make them more engaging, interesting, and rewarding. Naming your Habits, Dailies, and To-Dos in a creative, gamified way is a great way to add flavor to your game.

While HabitRPG is generally more geared towards a medieval touch, players can also adapt the game to other RPG styles. These may include themes such as zombies, cyberpunk, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, science fiction, and more.

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Example Habits[]

These are some Habits that could be modified to be more game-like. They accurately describe what the player wants to complete or avoid, but in plain English.

Use the Stairs (not Elevator)

Eat Junk Food

Avoid Coffee

Work on Creative Project

Re-writing these tasks in an RPG style makes your list more engaging and fun to check off. To avoid being confused later, you can describe the activity in the "Extra Notes" while editing the task.

Climb the Tower

Succumb to the Sirens

One does not simply walk into Starbucks

Whittling and Carving

Example Dailies[]

These are some example Dailies that can be gamified as well.

Daily Planning

Forum Moderation

Actualization statements

Wash dishes


The RPG version sounds much better:

Reading the Map

Swinging the Ban-hammer

Victory Chant

Battle the Sink Serpent

Messenger Bird

Adding Custom or In-Game Images to Tasks[]

HabitRPG supports emoji, and markdown, which can be used to insert images in the title of any Habit, Daily, To-Do, or Reward. To insert an image, use the following Markdown code:

An example of a semi-gamified Daily using an image of an axe from HabitRPG.

![alt text](URLofYourImageHere "optional mouseover title")

Enter full URL of your image, which must be hosted somewhere on the web. The "optional mouseover title" will appear when you hover over the image. (The alt text doesn't display, but it must be present.) The image may be larger than a single line of text, which will increase the size of the task box. If this is undesirable, use a smaller image.

You can use your own custom images to give your tasks the flavor of a particular theme or fandom. A good way to find appropriate images is to search for "icons"; for example, a search for "Game of Thrones icons" or "space icons" will turn up many small images. If you want to use images from your own computer, an easy way to create a web link is to put the images on Dropbox.

You can also use the images of HabitRPG! An easy way to find in-game images for your tasks is to look on the wiki; for example, the equipment page has images of all the weapons and armor from HabitRPG, and the pets page has images of all the in-game pets. Right-click on an image and select "Copy image URL" to save the URL of the image to your clipboard. You can then paste it into the Markdown code given above.

Before using any images to gamify your list it is best to ask the image creator for permission first, even if the images are from an open source project.

Legendary Quests[]

Are you writing your dissertation, or completing the Twelve Labors of Hercules? You decide.

Another way to gamify your lists is to reproduce a quest from a favorite piece of fiction. This approach especially will require notes to help you remember the actual tasks, since there's little chance that the details will align well enough for the titles to help, but if pretending you're hunting horcruxes or bringing the one ring to Mordor helps you finish a project, why not give yourself a fantasy edge?

Gamified Place Names[]

Places where tasks occur can be gamified. For example:

Tent, Bedchamber
Mess Hall


The guild Library of Goals: Shared Lists also has some examples of gamified Habits, Dailies, To-Dos, and Rewards.

Challenges that are hosted in the Tavern and guilds are also a great place to search for clues to gamify lists.

See Sample Tags for ideas on how to manage your tasks with gamified tags.

More Examples[]

Task Gamified Name Extra Notes
Wash the dishes Battle the Sink Serpent Every evening, a slithery Sink Serpent awakes to feed on the day's scraps. You must battle this monster for control of the kitchen!
Take out the trash Dispose of That! Scour your campsite and dispose of any garbage that may attract monsters -- and flies. No one likes flies.
Brush Your Teeth Shine Those Fangs What better way to show the world who is the fiercest hunter in the universe than by displaying a pair of fine chompers that look simply amazing? (Also prevents bad breath.)
Do Your Laundry Make Offerings to Charybdis Cast your dirty outerwear into the Whirlpool of Washing Tonnes, and get it back with the dirt and grease thoroughly thrashed out of it!