'thumb|link=Archivo:HabitRPG-Community-Guidelines-PublicSpaces.png'Gamification is when 'game thinking' and game mechanics are used to make something which isn't a game more fun. In Habitica's case, the game mechanics are inspired mainly by role playing games.

Wikipedia's article on gamification has more information on the general concept. According to the article, gamification leverages several of people's natural desires, which are addressed in Habitica in the following ways:

  • Learning: To teach the player concepts through completing tasks
  • Mastery: To earn rewards for positive behaviors through earning XP, HP, and gold
  • Status: To have a visual display of player's accomplishments on the user's profile

Gamifying Your Lists has examples that can help you further gamify Habitica by renaming your tasks to make them more heroic and fun!