Fortify potions return all task values to the neutral value (yellow) and restore any lost health for players. The changes are immediate and irreversible.

Fortify Potion Dialog BoxEditar


Fortify Potion dialog box

A Fortify Potion can be bought from the Market in the "Special" category for 4 gems.

Clicking the Fortify Potion in the Market opens a popup window which says, "Fortify will return all your tasks to a neutral (yellow) state as if you'd just added them, and top your Health off to full. Consider this an option of last resort! Red tasks provide good incentive to improve. But if all that red fills you with despair, and the beginning of each new day proves lethal, spend the Gems and catch a reprieve!"

The "Never Mind" button cancels and returns you to the game. The red "Fortify" button will apply the changes immediately. This action cannot be undone.

When to UseEditar

Fortify Potions can be necessary after long bouts of bad Habits.

A Fortify Potion is also useful for resetting Dailies that are now deep red due to a long absence of the game. Red Dailies can accumulate hundreds of negative points in a users absence. A player who has achieved a high level, doesn't want to start at level 1, but is experiencing Death due to red Dailies could be a good candidate for a Fortify Potion.

A good blue task

A yellow task

A bad red task

Other OptionsEditar

Other options for resetting tasks are:

  • Orb of Rebirth: resets all tasks to yellow and resets character level, stats, equipment, and class, allowing a player to change classes if they wish.
  • Reset Account: deletes all tasks and resets character level, stats, and equipment for a completely fresh start.
  • Delete the tasks and re-enter them. Depending on the amount of tasks, this could be a very long process.

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