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Fall Festival is one of the four Grand Galas. Each year, the Fall Festival begins in mid-September and ends on the final day of October.

Fall Festival 2014[]

The 2014 Fall Festival began with Bailey's announcement on 22 September:

Autumn is upon us! The air is crisp, the leaves are red, and Habitica is feeling spooky. Come celebrate the Fall Festival with us... if you dare!

The holiday event brought several additions to HabitRPG, including festive equipment and unique food drops.

NPC Costume Changes[]

To celebrate the new season, all the NPCs donned their spookiest Fall apparel.

NPC Monsters[]

On Halloween (10/31/2014), the NPCs turned into monsters for one day.

Candy Drops[]

Food drops were converted to candy for the Fall Festival. The candy had the same function as food; feed  these to your pet to get it to turn into a mount!

Show/Hide the Candy table.Spoiler alert!
Hatching Potions Candy Preference
Pet HatchingPotion Base.png
Base Basic Candy
Pet Food Candy Base.png
Pet HatchingPotion White.png
White Vanilla Candy
Pet Food Candy White.png
Pet HatchingPotion Desert.png
Desert Sand Candy
Pet Food Candy Desert.png
Pet HatchingPotion Red.png
Red Cinnamon Candy
Pet Food Candy Red.png
Pet HatchingPotion Shade.png
Shade Chocolate Candy
Pet Food Candy Shade.png
Pet HatchingPotion Skeleton.png
Skeleton Bare Bones Candy
Pet Food Candy Skeleton.png
Pet HatchingPotion Zombie.png
Zombie Rotten Candy
Pet Food Candy Zombie.png
Pet HatchingPotion CottonCandyPink.png
Cotton Candy Pink Sour Pink Candy
Pet Food Candy CottonCandyPink.png
Pet HatchingPotion CottonCandyBlue.png
Cotton Candy Blue Sour Blue Candy
Pet Food Candy CottonCandyBlue.png
Pet HatchingPotion Golden.png
Golden Honey Candy
Pet Food Candy Golden.png

Special Items[]

Spooky Sparkles[]

Spooky Sparkles were purchasable during the Fall Festival in the Market, for 15 gold. When used, they turn your friends into a floating blanket with eyes.

After you have purchased them and can see them in your Inventory, click the item. Your mouse cursor will have a '+' in the right corner. Then click on an avatar in your party or on your own avatar.

You could purchase as many Spooky Sparkles as you wanted while the Fall Festival was active. Unused ones stay in your Inventory after Fall Festival ends, so you can save them for future use.

Avatar with Spook Dust

If you have Spooky Sparkles cast on you, you will receive the "Alarming Friends" achievement. You will also gain an Opaque Potion reward which you can redeem for 5 gold to cancel the effects of the Spooky Sparkles. The Opaque Potion works immediately on you when redeemed and it cannot be used for someone else.

Even if you don't use an Opaque Potion, the ghost effect wears off after your next Cron.

Jack-O-Lantern Pet[]

Jack-O-Lantern pet

The Jack-O-Lantern pet was given to all players during this event. It can be found in Inventory under Rare Pets. This pet cannot be fed and cannot be raised into a mount.

Special Class Gear 2014[]

The Fall Festival gear.

From September 22nd until October 31, special fall-themed armor and weapons were available for purchase, with the total cost of each set being 310 gold. The sets of armor are linked to classes, and are as follows:



Cost (Gold)

Effect Description
Lab Coat of Science
Labcoat of science.png
90 Increases CON by 9. Protects you from mysterious potion spills. Limited Edition 2014 Fall Gear.
Monster Scalp of Science
Monster scalp of science.png
60 Increases STR by 9. Graft on this helm! It's only SLIGHTLY used. Limited Edition 2014 Fall Gear.
Potent Potion of Science
Potent potion of science.png
70 Increases CON by 7. Spills mysteriously on lab coats. Limited Edition 2014 Fall Gear.
Grabby Claw of Science
Grabby claw of science.png
90 Increases STR by 15. This grabby claw is at the very cutting edge of technology. Limited Edition 2014 Fall Gear.


Appearance Cost (Gold) Effect Description
Witchy Wizard Robes
Witchy wizard robes.png
90 Increases INT by 9. This robe has plenty of pockets to hold extra helpings of eye of newt and tongue of frog. Limited Edition Autumn 2014 Gear.
Pointy Hat
Pointy hat.png
60 Increases PER by 7. Magic is woven into every thread of this hat. Limited Edition 2014 Autumn Gear.
Magic Broom
Magic broom.png
160 Increases INT by 15. Increases PER by 7. This enchanted broom flies faster than a dragon! Limited Edition 2014 Autumn Gear. (Note: This is a weapon that goes in the Staff slot. It is not a mount.)

Name Appearance Cost (Gold) Effect Description
Gauzy Gear
Gauzy gear.png
90 Increases CON by 15. Charge into battle pre-bandaged! Limited Edition 2014 Fall Gear.
Head Bandages
Head bandages.png
60 Increases INT by 7. Highly sanitary and very fashionable. Limited Edition 2014 Fall Gear.
Jeweled Shield
Jeweled shield.png
70 Increases CON by 9. This glittery shield was found in an ancient tomb. Limited Edition 2014 Fall Gear.
Scarab Wand
Scarab wand.png
90 Increases INT by 9. The scarab on this wand protects and heals its wielder. Limited Edition 2014 Fall Gear.

Name Appearance Cost (Gold) Effect Description
Bloodred Robes
Bloodred robes.png
90 Increases PER by 15. Vivid. Velvet. Vampiric. Limited Edition 2014 Fall Gear.
Bloodred Hood
Bloodred hood.png
60 Increases PER by 9. A Vampire Smiter's identity must always be hidden. Limited Edition 2014 Fall Gear.
Silver Stake
Silver stake left.png
80 (one left, one right, 160 total) Increases STR by 8. Dispatches undead. Also grants a bonus against werewolves. Limited Edition 2014 Fall Gear.

Mystery Item and Seasonal Avatar Customizations[]

The September Mystery Item, the Autumn Strider set, had a fall forest theme.

Autumn Strider Promo.png

Starting with the Fall Festival, certain avatar customization options will be made available on a seasonal basis. For the Fall Festival, these are the Supernatural Skins and Haunted Hair Colors. They are based on the Limited Edition skins and hairstyles from the Trick or Treat event of 2013, but have been altered somewhat to preserve the uniqueness of the original versions. Seasonal Edition items are marked as such, and will not be available until the following year once the season ends.

Supernatural skins.png Haunted colors.png

The backgrounds released within October had a Halloween theme (Graveyard, Haunted House, Pumpkin Patch).


The quests released during the Fall Festival were not explicitly part of the Festival, however they were chosen for their spooky theme: