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An example Battle Gear inventory for a player of the Warrior class.

The Equipment section of the player's Inventory (direct link) contains all of the armor and weapons that they have purchased. Each player starts as a limited Warrior so only Warrior equpment will be available to purchase until the player reaches level 10 and the class system is unlocked.

Each class has its own unique equipment. A player can use the gear that is specific to a different class if they own it, gaining the specific stat boosts that are granted by such equipment. However, the gear of different class will not grant the player a class equip bonus.

See Class System for more details.


Most equipment increases a player's stats. There are some purely decorative items that confer no benefit, such as the Training Sword, the Absurd Party Hat, and all Mystery Items. The stats that are increased by a given type of equipment are dictated by the class it is meant for.

Since an upgrade in the same type of equipment replaces its predecessor (i.e., a player cannot wear two helmets at the same time), an upgrade only increases the player's attributes incrementally. Sometimes, purchasing a new type of equipment (e.g., a sword instead of a helmet) may be more cost-effective than upgrading an already owned piece.

Purchasing Equipment[]


Different pieces of equipment can be bought from the Item Store (found under the Rewards column) with gold. The Item Store appears as soon as a level 1 player completes their first task.

Once a piece of equipment is purchased, the next piece of equipment in that tier is made available.

After a player purchases the best equipment for their class in every tier, they will unlock the Ultimate Gear achievement and the Enchanted Armoire.

A player cannot buy a piece of equipment without first buying the previous item in that tier. For example, a player cannot buy Chain Mail until they have bought the Leather Armor. Players can also only buy equipment belonging to their own class, but equipment previously bought as a different class can still be equipped. If a piece of equipment is lost due to death, that equipment must be repurchased before better pieces of equipment in that same tier are available again.

The total cost to purchase the complete sets of basic gear for each class are as follows:

  • Warrior: 1205 Gold
  • Healer: 1205 Gold
  • Mage: 1210 Gold
  • Rogue: 1340 Gold

Once you have bought the equipment, there is no way to sell it. One creative use for unused equipment is making costumes.

Special Gear[]

Outside of the basic gear for each individual class, special gear is available through various means. Some gear becomes available after completing certain quests. Some is available for purchase by contributors to HabitRPG and some was given to backers of the Kickstarter campaign as a reward for their contributions. These special items are purchasable in the item store and may be purchased at any time, regardless of the current tier of equipment purchased.

Another type of equipment that can be purchased with gold is available from the Enchanted Armoire once a player has unlocked the Ultimate Gear achievement.

Players can also obtain special gear as mystery items for subscribers, for a limited time for all users during some world events, or in-person at conventions, such as the Unconventional Armor available at WonderCon 2014.

If special gear is lost due to death, the Orb of Rebirth, or any other cause, it can be repurchased even if it is no longer normally available. There might be a delay before it can be repurchased if the player is not currently at a high enough level. There is one exception to this - if a player changes classes after using the Orb of Rebirth, special gear for classes other than their current class will no longer be available to be repurchased. If the player later changes classes again, that special gear will once again be available.

Some special items, such as those available during Grand Galas, match the class of the player, and give class equip bonuses. Players can change class to purchase special gear for classes other than their usual one. Since all players below level 10 are limited Warriors by default, special items available below level 10 are of the Warrior class. Because of this, players planning to select a non-Warrior class may want to abstain from purchasing special gear before reaching level 10 to save their gold for the special items of their intended class (but note that special items from world events are available for only a limited time).

Wearing Equipment[]

The player can wear the armor and weapons from any class if they own it. The character will acquire the stats of the relevant gear. However, only wearing gear of one's own class will grant a class equip bonus. For more information and details, see Class.

Any new piece of equipment that is purchased will automatically be equipped on your character.

Equipment information

To add or change equipment, click the Inventory tab then click Equipment. Hovering over a piece of equipment will give you a description and its attribute information.

You equip your character by clicking the piece that you want. Its background will turn green and it will become visible on your avatar. To change, simply click another piece.


You can unequip all the battle gear for your character by clicking the "Unequip Battle Gear" button. This will remove all pieces of equipment.


There are a few special cases for equipment:

  • Any time you can equip a shield, you could also equip a Rogue's left-hand weapon.
  • Rogues cannot use other classes' weapons in their shield (left) hand, but they can use other classes' weapons in their weapon (right) hand.
  • Any class can use a Mage's two-handed staff. It counts as a weapon PLUS a shield. When you use one, you can't use another weapon or shield at the same time.


Updated Costume Gear.png

Costumes allow HabitRPG players to showcase their unique styles and modify their appearances without sacrificing the benefits of their best equipment.

Players can change their costumes by going under the Inventory tab, going to equipment, and clicking 'Use Costume'. The layout of the costume area is exactly the same as the equipment area, and functions similarly.

Costumes, avatar customizations, and choice of pets and mounts can be used to dress up your avatar for in-game cosplay.

You can unequip all the pieces of the costume for your character by clicking the "Unequip Costume" button. You can also unequip pets, mounts, and backgrounds by clicking the "Unequip Pet, Mount, Background" button.

Available Equipment[]

The sections below give you full information about all class equipment, grouped by class. You can also see all stats-giving equipment (class and non-class) in one sortable table.


Warriors wield one-handed swords with their shields.



Cost (Gold)

Effect Description Notes
Training Sword
0 Confers no benefit. Practice weapon. Starting gear.
20 Increases STR by 3. Common soldier's blade.
30 Increases STR by 6. Double-bitted battle-axe. Requires Sword.
45 Increases STR by 9. Heavy club with brutal spikes. Requires Axe.
Sapphire Blade
65 Increases STR by 12. Sword whose edge bites like the north wind. Requires Morningstar.
Red Sword
90 Increases STR by 15. Weapon whose forge-glow never fades. Requires Sapphire Blade.
Golden Sword
120 Increases STR by 18. Bane of creatures of darkness. Requires Red Sword.

Plantilla:Warrior Armor

Plantilla:Warrior Headgear

Plantilla:Warrior Shields

Spring Fling 2015



Original Cost (Gold)

Effect Description
Bone Club
Weapon special spring2015Warrior.png
90 Increases Strength by 15. It is a real bone club for real fierce doggies and is definitely not a chew toy that the Seasonal Sorceress gave you because who's a good doggy? Whoooo's a good doggy?? It's you!!! You're a good doggy!!!
Beware Armor
Broad armor special spring2015Warrior.png
90 Increases Constitution by 15. Limited Edition 2015 Spring Gear! Only the fiercest doggy is allowed to be this fluffy.
Beware Helm
Head special spring2015Warrior.png
60 Increases Strength by 9. Limited Edition 2015 Spring Gear! Beware the Helm! Only a fierce doggy can wear it. Stop laughing.
Dish Discus
Shield special spring2015Warrior.png
70 Increases Constitution by 7. Limited Edition 2015 spring Gear! Hurl it at your enemies.... or just hold it, because it will fill up with yummy kibble at dinnertime.
Purple Dog Ears
HeadAccessory special spring2015Warrior.png
20 Confers no benefit They are purple. They are dog ears. Do not waste your time with further foolishness.


Healers wield one-handed rods with their shields.



Cost (Gold)

Effect Description Notes
Novice Rod
0 Confers no benefit. For healers in training. Starting gear.
Acolyte Rod
20 Increases INT by 2. Crafted during a healer's initiation. Requires Novice Rod.
Quartz Rod
30 Increases INT by 3. Topped with a gem bearing curative properties. Requires Acolyte Rod.
Amethyst Rod
45 Increases INT by 5. Purifies poison at a touch. Requires Quartz Rod.
Physician Rod
65 Increases INT by 7. As much a badge of office as a healing tool. Requires Amethyst Rod.
Royal Scepter
90 Increases INT by 9. Fit to grace the hand of a monarch, or of one who stands at a monarch's right hand. Requires Physician Rod.
Golden Crosier
120 Increases INT by 11. Soothes the pain of all who look upon it. Requires Royal Scepter.

Plantilla:Healer Armor

Plantilla:Healer Headgear

Plantilla:Healer Shields

Spring Fling 2015



Original Cost (Gold)

Effect Description
Cat Rattle
Weapon special spring2015Healer.png
90 Increases Intelligence by 9. When you wave it, it makes a fascinating clickety noise that would keep ANYONE entertained for hours.
Comforting Catsuit
Broad armor special spring2015Healer.png
90 Increases Constitution by 15. Limited Edition 2015 Spring Gear! This soft catsuit is comfortable, and as comforting as mint tea.
Comforting Crown
Head special spring2015Healer.png
60 Increases Intelligence by 7. Limited Edition 2015 Spring Gear! The pearl at the center of this crown calms and comforts those around it.
Patterned Pillow
Shield special spring2015Healer.png
70 Increases Constitution by 9. Limited Edition 2015 spring Gear! You can rest your head on this soft pillow, or you can wrestle it with your fearsome claws. Rawr!
Green Kitty Ears
HeadAccessory special spring2015Healer.png
20 Confers no benefit These cute kitty ears will make others green with envy.


Mages wield two-handed staffs. These staffs give equivalent bonuses to those given by the double weapon or weapon/shield combination from other classes.



Cost (Gold)

Effect Description Notes
Apprentice Staff
0 Confers no benefit. Practice staff. Starting gear.
Wooden Staff
30 Increases INT by 3.

Increases PER by 1.

Basic implement of carven wood. Requires Apprentice Staff.
Jeweled Staff
50 Increases INT by 6.

Increases PER by 2.

Focuses power through a precious stone. Requires Wooden Staff.
Iron Staff
80 Increases INT by 9.

Increases PER by 3.

Plated in metal to channel heat, cold, and lightning. Requires Jeweled Staff.
Brass Staff
120 Increases INT by 12.

Increases PER by 5.

As powerful as it is heavy. Requires Iron Staff.
Archmage Staff
160 Increases INT by 15.

Increases PER by 7.

Assists in weaving the most complex of spells. Requires Brass Staff.
Golden Staff
Weapon wizard 6.png
200 Increases INT by 18.

Increases PER by 10.

Fashioned of orichalcum, the alchemic gold, mighty and rare. Requires Archmage Staff.

Plantilla:Mage Armor

Plantilla:Mage Headgear

Spring Fling 2015



Original Cost (Gold)

Effect Description
Magician's Wand
Weapon special spring2015Mage.png
160 Increases Perception by 7 and Intelligence by 15. Limited Edition 2015 Spring Gear! Conjure yourself up a carrot with this fancy wand.
Magician's Bunny Suit
Broad armor special spring2015Mage.png
90 Increases Intelligence by 9. Limited Edition 2015 Spring Gear! Your coattails match your cottontail!
Stage Mage Hat
Head special spring2015Mage.png
60 Increases Perception by 7. Limited Edition 2015 spring Gear! Which came first, the bunny or the hat?
Blue Bunny Ears
HeadAccessory special spring2015Mage.png
20 Confers no benefit These ears listen keenly, in case somewhere a magician is revealing secrets.


Rogues wield weapons in both hands, which must be purchased separately.



Cost (Gold)

Effect Description Notes
0 Confers no benefit. A rogue's most basic weapon. Starting gear.
Short Sword
20 Increases STR by 2. Light, concealable blade.
35 Increases STR by 3. Slashing sword, swift to deliver a killing blow. Requires Short Sword.
50 Increases STR by 4. Distinctive bush knife, both survival tool and weapon. Requires Scimitar.
70 Increases STR by 6. Heavy batons whirled about on a length of chain. Requires Kukri.
90 Increases STR by 8. Sleek and deadly as the ninja themselves. Requires Nunchaku.
Hook Sword
120 Increases STR by 10. Complex weapon adept at ensnaring and disarming opponents. Requires Ninja-to.

Plantilla:Rogue Armor

Plantilla:Rogue Headgear

Spring Fling 2015



Original Cost (Gold)

Effect Description
Exploding Squeak
Shield special spring2015Rogue.png
80 Increases Strength by 8. Don't let the sound fool you - these explosives pack a punch.
Squeaker Robes
Broad armor special spring2015Rogue.png
90 Increases Perception by 15. Limited Edition 2015 Spring Gear! Furry, soft, and definitely not flammable.
Fireproof Helm
Head special spring2015Rogue.png
60 Increases Perception by 9. Limited Edition 2015 Spring Gear! Fire? HAH! You squeak fiercely in the face of fire!
Yellow Mouse Ears
HeadAccessory special spring2015Rogue.png
20 Confers no benefit These ears steel themselves against the sound of explosions.


Grand Gala Equipment[]

You can see all the special class gear from the previous Grand Galas in one table. This equipment is available in the Seasonal Shop which opens during each Grand Gala.

Pixel Art[]

Most of the equipment items have been created by our own talented artists however some of HabitRPG's earliest equipment was taken with permission from Mozilla BrowserQuest.

In the early days of HabitRPG, there was some opposition to this "design recycling", but here is our reasoning. First, it is licensed under CC-BY-SA 3.0, granting us use, and the guys over at BrowserQuest (who are fantastic people) have given us their blessing. Second, only those in-the-know will recognize it — which is mostly developers and designers who have been keeping abreast of HTML5's progress. Third, it's absolutely superb in design and nostalgia — it does an excellent job of bringing back SNES.

Known Bugs[]

Equipment Not Appearing On Mobile App[]


habitrpg Issue #4086 Recently-released equipment does not appear on the Android or iOS mobile app. This is because Apple's and Google's app approval processes can be slow, sometimes taking several weeks. This is only a cosmetic problem; if you are wearing battle gear that does not appear, you can be certain that the stats will still be applied to all actions that you take.

Solution: Wait and install app updates when they become available.