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Dailies are recurring tasks in HabitRPG. These are the tasks that need to be taken care of either daily, weekly, or on specific days of the week. There are differences between a Daily, a To-Do, and a Habit. For a task to be a Daily, it normally needs to meet the following criteria:

  1. The task can be scheduled,
  2. The task reoccurs at least once a week, and
  3. The task has a measurable goal that can be checked off and forgotten about until the next day.

The initial setup of Dailies can also be difficult as it often includes naming your tasks. Each task needs to be named in a way that the purpose of the task is clear, while either giving some flexibility for fulfillment or having an entertainment value. Each Daily can also be edited in the advanced options section in order to make sure the task will be active only on the days required (although you can still complete and check it while it isn't an active task). Below are some examples of Dailies in different aspects of life.


These are examples of Dailies that could be useful with productivity in occupational tasks.

Process Inbox

Clear Desk

1 hr. Project Zero

Send 5 Follow-up Letters

Update Tracking Spreadsheet


These sample Dailies can help keep you motivated and on-track with your exercise and health goals.

1 hr Weight Training Sun T Th

30 mins Yoga

Cook Healthy Dinner

Measure BMI S

1 hr. Cardio M W F


These are examples of Dailies that can help increase or maintain your overall well-being.

8:00am Take Medicine

8:30am Eat Breakfast

9:00pm Go to Bed

Drink 6 Bottles of Water

Brush Teeth and Hair


These sample Dailies deal with cleaning and maintaining your home.

Wash Laundry M W F

Feed Dog

Wash Dishes

Dust and Vacuum 1 Room

Clean 1 Room

Instant Benefit[]

These Dailies were mentioned in the Tavern as giving immediate help, making other choices easier, and bringing a sense of relief.

Decide What's for Dinner

Take Medications

Plan Today's Schedule

2 Minute Power Pose

Uninterrupted Toddler Time


These sample Dailies involve your interactions with others and can help ensure that you stay connected and involved.

Call or Text a Friend

Attend Group Meeting T W F

Update Personal Social Media

Say Hi to Someone In Person

Take Dog to Dog Park M Th Sat

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