Difficulty is about how challenging a Habit, Daily, or To-Do is for you to complete (e.g., painting your house is harder than brushing your teeth). There are three levels of difficulty: easy, medium, and hard.

Players might want to tag tasks with a difficulty if they feel that certain tasks should be rewarded more (if completed) or punished more (if not completed). Different difficulty levels multiply a task's rewards and damage by a certain amount.

Finding Difficulty Editar


Change the difficulty settings

Difficulty is under the Advanced Options heading when you edit a task. Players can expand or collapse the Advanced Options heading by clicking on it.

Easy Editar

All newly created tasks, by default, begin on the easy setting. If a player feels like the task is harder than usual or will take more effort, they can adjust the difficulty to one of the other choices.

Easy tasks reward the player at a rate of 1.

Medium and Hard Editar

Medium tasks reward at the rate of 1.5. Hard tasks reward at the rate of 2 (i.e. a task set to hard will give twice as many rewards as would have been received if it had been set to easy). Completing a task that has been marked medium or difficult gives players more rewards.

The player loses more health from medium or difficult Dailies and Habits if the player does not complete the Daily or clicks on the "-" option of the Habit.