There are several user-created browser extensions and bookmarks that can be used to customize the appearance and functionality of HabitRPG.


Some users have created custom styles/themes/skins for HabitRPG to change its appearance, enhance utility (e.g. making tasks more compact), or add new things (e.g. animations). These styles may require a user to install add-ons to their browsers.

merfy's HabitRPG — Custom Compact EditionEditar

Main article: Merfy's HabitRPG: Custom Compact Edition

merfy's HabitRPG theme makes tasks and lists slimmer and includes options to hide completed Dailies, tags, and unused task controls; animate your pets and avatars; allow you to choose your own header/task backgrounds; and/or remove the game-like appearances for work environments.

HabitRPG Your Life The Role Playing Game - Nightly 2014-05-10 21.23.45 th

Screenshot of merfy's HabitRPG theme.

Dark Energy for HabitRPG Editar

Main article: Dark Energy for HabitRPG

Don't like the brightness of HabitRPG? Want something with a little more edge? Then this sleek, stylish CSS skin, by Malachi Draven, is just what you need! This theme completely replaces nearly every element on every page of HabitRPG - including custom icons! You can install it with one easy click here !

Dark Energy - HabitRPG

Screenshot of Dark Energy - HabitRPG, by Malachi Draven

Unspool HabitRPG Chat messagesEditar

Unspool HabitRPG Chat messages allows each individual message in HabitRPG's Tavern, Guilds, or party chat to take up to 600 pixels in height, largely eliminating the need to scroll individual posts in chat.


How to Use BookmarkletsEditar

To install one of the bookmarklets shown below, first create a new bookmark in your browser. If you want easy access to it, put it in your bookmark toolbar. Edit the bookmark to change its URL to contain nothing but the JavaScript command shown below. Change its name to any text that is meaningful for you.

To use the bookmarklet, navigate to an appropriate page and click the bookmark.

The "Notification" bookmarklets below will only work on HabitRPG's website, and only if you have received notifications since the last time your reloaded the website.

Show All NotificationsEditar

This bookmarklet will let players pull up all the notification popups since the site was last reloaded.


Show Last NotificationEditar

This bookmarklet allows players to call up the most recent notification popup.


Make Markdown Link to Wiki PageEditar

Use this bookmarklet on any webpage to create a link to that page in Markdown format (suitable for pasting into the Tavern or any guild or party chat).

javascript:prompt('Markdown link for this page:','['+document.title.replace(' - HabitRPG Wiki','')+']('+document.location.href+')')


There are also numerous extensions for the game, a few being:

Boss ButtonEditar

Hides the game looking parts of Habit so you can use it in school or work.

Hide Level Numbers Editar

Makes the level numbers and buff/rebirth indicators invisible until you hover over an avatar in the page header. 

Large Print HabitEditar

Increases the size of most of the font and emoji in HabitRPG.

Mount Fade Out Editar

Causes mounts to temporarily disappear when you hover your mouse over an avatar.

Spider SquisherEditar

Removes all the pictures of rats and spiders in the rat and spider quests. Hides the rat and spider pets and mounts in all player's avatars.