The Custom Day Start is the time of day at which one day ends and the next day begins in the player's HabitRPG world; all tasks register the passage of a day (see also Cron). The default day start is midnight in the player's timezone, based on the time registered by the player's computer, but the time can be changed to suit the player's needs.

To change the Custom Day Start, go to Gear iconSettings -> Site (direct link). You will find the Custom Day Start option at the bottom of the left-hand column.

Enter an hour from 0 to 23 (it uses a 24 hour clock). It is best to type the new time instead of using the arrow buttons, which do not always work correctly.

After you have entered the new time, click your mouse once anywhere on the page outside the field to move the cursor out of the text box or else your change won't be saved. If you want to be certain that your change has been saved, reload the page and check that the new value is being displayed; this is especially important if you use HabitRPG on two or more browsers or devices because reloading will prevent a sync bug that could occasionally result in the new time taking effect in the browser you changed it in while the previous value is used on other devices, resulting in two crons each day.

Some people have trouble with Custom Day Start on the first day that they change it because changing it can cause Cron to run immediately, but after the first day it works well. To minimize problems on the first day, complete all your Dailies before changing the Custom Day Start or Rest in the Inn that day.

If you change the Custom Day Start from or to a time that is too close to the current time, then the new setting will not be used until the next day. It is best to allow a window of two hours for the change to take effect. For example, if it is currently set to 0 (midnight), change it before 10pm; if you want to set it to 9pm, change it before 7pm.