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In Habitica's Costume Carnival, you'll see fantastical creatures such as fairies, angels, mermaids, mad scientists, and more. This avatar costume art is created from the rich imaginations of the artists in the Costume Carnival guild. Each piece of avatar art will also include instructions on how to construct the piece for anyone who wants to make their own.

Avatar art that features specific characters and themes can be found on the Cosplay page.

Backgrounds are purchasable with gems. Past Grand Gala items may be purchased when the Seasonal Shop is open. Past Mystery Items can be obtained with a Mystic Hourglass for subscribers. Animal skins and ears are purchasable with gems.

Avatar Costume Art Creator
Branderwall Flame Avatar.png
Creator: Branderwall

Avatar: Monster Skin (Spooky skin Fall Festival), Black Hair, Short Beard, Bangs Type 1.

Equipment: Flame of Mind (Mystery Item, requires subscription), Dashing Eyepatch (Warrior Summer Splash), Swashbuckler Robes (Warrior Summer Splash gear), Shining Capelet (Mage Summer Splash gear), Golden Wings (Mystery Item, requires subscription), Hook Sword (Left), Hook Sword (Right).

Extras: Volcano background (requires gems), Skeleton Hedgehog Mount, Shade Panda Pet.

Faerie Mermaid
ClareDragonfly Fairy Mermaid.png
Creator: ClareDragonfly

Avatar: Blue shirt, blue hair (requires gems), pink skin,

Equipment: Coral Crown (Healer Summer Splash gear), Twilight Butterfly Antennae (Mystery Item, requires subscription), Seahealer Tail (Healer Summer Splash gear), Shield of the Shallows (Healer Summer Splash gear), Twilight Butterfly Wings (Mystery Item, requires subscription), and Coral Collar (Healer Summer Splash gear).

Extras: Open Waters background (requires gems)

Branderwall Archangel.png
Creator: Branderwall

Equipment:  Messenger Robes (Mystery Item, requires subscription), Golden Wings (Mystery Item, requires subscription), Shining Capelet Mage Summer Splash gear, Kelp Catcher (Mage Summer Splash gear)

Extras: Clouds background (requires gems)

Praying Mantis (or Frog)
Branderwall Praying Mantis.png
Creator: Branderwall

Avatar: Shadow Skin (Fall Festival)

Equipment: Nameless Helm, Green Bunny Ears (Warrior Spring Fling gear), Clover-steel Armor (Warrior Spring Fling gear), Left Nunchaku, Right Nunchaku.

You could also kind of make it look like a frog if you use Green Skin and no Nunchaku.

Ludicrous Terror
Alys Ludicrous Terror.png
Creator: Alys

Equipment: Chain Coif (Warrior), Green Bunny Ears (Spring Fling Warrior gear), Chain Mail (Warrior), Kukri (Rogue),

Extras: two parrots.

Branderwall Farmer.png
Creator: Branderwall

Avatar: Brown Beard (requires gems), Brown Mustache (requires gems)

Equipment: Swiss Cheese Hat (Mage Spring Fling gear), Oiled Leather (Rogue), Carrot Sword (Warrior Spring Fling gear), and Right Kukri (Rogue).

Extras: Harvest Fields background, White parrot mount, Turkey Pet

ClareDragonfly Faerie.png
Creator: ClareDragonfly

Avatar: blue shirt, blue hair (requires gems), pink skin

Equipment: Twilight Butterfly Antennae (Mystery Item), Twilight Butterfly Wings (Mystery Item), and the Wand of the Shallows (Healer Summer Splash gear).

Extras: Mushroom Ring background

Mad Scientist
Branderwall Mad Scientist.png
Creator: Branderwall

Equipment: Wearing the Lab-Coat of Science (Warrior Fall Festival gear) and wielding the Grabby Claw of Science (Warrior Fall Festival gear) and the Potent Potion of Science (Warrior Fall Festival gear), he is ready to make some creations of his own! His Sun Crown (Mystery Item) and Forest Walker Antlers (Mystery Item) are an ironic nod to the scientists of yore, whilst he is buoyed up by his Golden Wings (Mystery Item) of knowledge. The only mount truly befitting this man is the Skeleton Hedgehog (though not the most comfortable).

Extras Behold! The Thunderstorm background, a perfect backdrop for his heinous crimes! And just as this picture was taken, a flash of lightning strikes his Shade Egg, giving it LIFE! ...

Avatar: He'd bet his evil black Goatee (requires gems) and jet Black Hair that a perfect storm like this only comes around once in an artificial lifetime.

Balance Ball Official Uniform
ALittleYellowSpider Pitchfork Feasting.png

Creator: Alys

Equipment: Steel Helm of Sporting (Mystery Item), Pitchfork of Feasting (Mystery Item), Acolyte Robe (Healer), Squeaky Ball of Ultimate Protection (Healer Spring Fling gear), Mighty Cape (Unconventional Armor), Shining Capelet (Mage Summer Splash gear)

Extras: Red Owl pet

ALittleYellowSpider Balance Ball Aerial.png
Balance Ball Aerial Version

Lemoness wrote in the Costume Carnival guild: "I hereby use the Staff power vested in me to make those two the Official official costumes for Balance Ball."

Day of the Dead Skeleton Person
Chimeric Day of the Dead.png
Creator: Chimeric

Avatar: Lavender pastel hair (requires gems)

Equipment: Sun Crown and Sun Robes (Mystery Items) Coral Collar ( Healer Summer Splash gear), Carrot Sword (Warrior Spring Fling gear), skeleton skin (Fall Festival)

The carrot is probably for feeding her gryphon pet.

Fire Samurai
Branderwall Fire Samurai.png

Creator: Branderwall

Avatar: Ogre Skin (Supernatural Skins Fall Festival), Yellow hair (Rainbow Colors, requires gems), Hair Style 6 (requires gems), Beard 3 (requires gems), and Broad body size.

Equipment: Flame of Heart (Mystery Item), Shining Capelet (Mage Summer Splash gear), Red Helm (Warrior), Goblin Wings (Mystery Item), Autumn Antlers (Mystery Item), and Pirate Cutlass Left and Right (Rogue Summer Splash gear), Golden armor (Warrior).

Extras: Starry Skies background.

Dapper Fairy
ClareDragonfly Dapper Faerie.png

Creator: ClareDragonfly

Equipment: Steampunk Accessories hat (Mystic Hourglass), Steampunk goggles(Mystic Hourglass), Steampunk suit (Mystic Hourglass), and Steampunk cane (Mystic Hourglass), Twilight Butterfly wings and antennae (Mystery Item)

Crown of Tentacles
Alys Crown of Tentacles.png

Creator: Alys

Equipment: Crown of Tentacles (Mystery Item) and Octopus Robe (Mystery Item)

Extras: Skeleton Owl mount, your mount gets a Crown as well! Or at least a kind of frilly neck thing. It's an owl; it's not fussy.

Mara Marine Marauder Penguin.png

Creator: Mara the Marine Marauder

Avatar build: broad, shirt: black, hair color: black, bangs: 3rd, hair base: 1st (none), flower: 1st (none) mustache: 1st (none), beard: 4th (requires gems), skin color: rainbow: yellow (requires gems)

Equipment: Penguin Suit (Mystery Item), Black Leather Hood (Rogue)

Extras: background: Iceberg, Skeleton Egg pet

Ice Drake
Branderwall Ice Drake.png

Creator: Branderwall

Avatar: black hair, bangs: 2nd, hair base: 7th (requires gems), beard: 4th (requires gems), skin color: skeleton2 (Supernatural Skins Fall Festival)

Equipment: Icicle Drake Mask (Rogue Winter Wonderland gear), Twilight Butterfly Antennae (Mystery Item), Seahealer Tail (Healer Summer Splash gear), left and right Ski-sassin Pole (Rogue Winter Wonderland gear), Twilight Butterfly Wings (Mystery Item), Shining Capelet (Mage Summer Splash gear)

Extras: background: Iceberg, and Cotton Candy Blue Egg pet.

Alae Maximus
Alys Alae Maximus.png

Creator: Alys

18 total wings on the avatar!!

4: Twilight Butterfly Wings (Mystery Item) (a butterfly has four wings)
2: Winged Helm (Mystery Item)
2: Wings of Thought (Mystery Item)
2: Shimmery Winged Staff of Love and Also Truth (Mystery Item)
2: Penguin Suit (its arms are wings!) (Mystery Item)
2: any winged mount (e.g., Skeleton Owl)
2: any winged pet (e.g., Base Penguin)
2: South Pole background, which contains a penguin!

Branderwall Panda.png

Creator: Branderwall

Avatar: black hair, 15th hair base for ears (requires gems), 3rd Mustache to form the mouth (requires gems), Spooky Skeleton skin (Fall Festival), but the other skeleton skin works too.

Equipment: Penguin Suit (Mystery Item) but you could use a plain Black Shirt instead

Extras: This baby panda is riding on the back of a Base Panda Cub mount in the Forest background.

B33 Missile,
AKA "The Bumble Bee"
Branderwall B33 Missile.png

Creator: Branderwall

Avatar: It uses the Yellow Hair with the 2nd Bangs to add more color to the flames and uses the 4th Beard to form the exhaust nozzle. It has the Pumpkin2 skin (Fall Festival) so the face blends into the flames

Equipment: Busy Bee Robe (Mystery Item) as the body, Flame of Mind (Mystery Item) as the fire, and with left and right Silver Stakes (Rogue Fall Festival gear) as stabilizer fins.

Extras: It is flying through the Clouds background on the way to its target.

Wolf in Sheep's Clothing
Branderwall Wolf in Sheep.png

Creator: Branderwall

Avatar: He has Wolf skin and Wolf Ears (special Accessory).

Equipment: Wearing the Yeti-Tamer Helm (Warrior Winter Wonderland gear) and Yeti-Tamer Robe (Warrior Winter Wonderland gear) as his sheep disguise.

Extras: Next to him is a White Hedgehog Pet as an unsuspecting victim in the Rolling Hills.

Wolf Shepherd
Alys Wolf Shepherd.png

Creator: Alys

I am a caring shepherd, lovingly tending my sheep. My sweet, tender sheep... In one hand I have my crook for gently guiding wandering sheeps. In my other hand I have a bottle of mint sauce, for no particular reason.

Avatar: Wolf skin and Wolf ears

Equipment: Hook Sword (Rogue weapon), Potent Potion of Science (Warrior Fall Festival shield)

Extras: Base The Thunder Ram sheep pet, Rolling Hills background

Leader of Skeleton Army
Wunderkind Leader Skeleton Army.png

Creator: Capt Gray

The leader of the skeleton army lurks in a cave awaiting tomorrow's battle.

Avatar: White Shirt, Panda Skin (Avatar Customizations), Ghost White Hair (Fall Festival), Bangs 2, Beard 2

Equipment: Lovely Bone or a Bone Club (Spring Fling) and a Dagger (Rogue)

Extras: Skeleton mount & pet, Crystal Cave background

Ghost Riding a Shrimp

Any avatar that has been hit with the Fall Festival seasonal edition Spooky Sparkles turns into a ghost and can be made to ride a Mantis Shrimp mount across the Open Waters. The mount's antennae make perfect reins!

Mounts with Antlers
Cosplay mounts with antlers.png

The Winter Wonderland seasonal edition Snowball when thrown at an avatar can be used to make some mounts look like they have antlers.

Extras: Polar Bear or Bear or Cactus mount (and possibly others).