Contributor Titles Editar


A listing of the most common titles given for contributing to HabitRPG. These are given in addition to the differently colored names representing contributor tiers.

Title Description
Advisors Help HabitRPG with knowledge behind the scenes.
Ambassadors Promote HabitRPG in blogs and news, driving interest in and traffic to the site.
Artisans Adorn the halls of HabitRPG with Pixel Art masterpieces.
Bards Compose music and design sound effects to enrich the HabitRPG experience.
Blacksmiths Labor in our HabitRPG Forge, working their programming magic in unseen layers of the HabitRPG world.
Comrades or 3rd Partiers Build helpful add-on tools that interact with HabitRPG via its API.
Fletchers Labor to make a transportable HabitRPG app, like Blacksmiths, working programming wizardry in unseen layers of Habitica.
Linguists Translate HabitRPG into other languages for Habiticans the world over.
Linguistic Scribes Translate HabitRPG Wiki into other languages
Mathematician Helps balance the algorithms and calculations that make HabitRPG work.
Scribes Document HabitRPG tips and features (e.g., right here on the wiki!).
Socialites Are helpful, friendly voices in the HabitRPG community, in the Tavern and beyond.
Statistician Provides in-depth analysis of HabitRPG's data.
Storytellers Write questlines for HabitRPG.
Tinkers Contribute via intensive testing to find issues and document them on GitHub.