Wikia HabitRPG

Constitution reduces the amount of HP lost from bad habits or missed dailies.

Constitution (CON) is a character attribute that affects health and defense. It is the primary attribute for Healers and the secondary attribute for Warriors. Any class can increase their own Constitution by adding stat points to it, or by wearing armor or using weapons that have a CON stat buff on it. 

Healers and Warriors gain an additional class bonus for wearing the CON-based equipment that is designated as being for their current class. 

Having a higher Constitution decreases the amount of damage (health loss) from missing your own Dailies and clicking your negative Habits (e.g. succumbing to junk food). Constitution does not decrease the amount of damage received from bosses. In other words, boss damage is calculated without Constitution taken into account, regardless of whether the source of the missed Daily is you or a member of your party. 

While a higher Constitution can be attained through allocating points to the attribute and wearing equipment that benefits the stat, Healers and Warriors can temporarily buff other party members' Constitution. The amount of increase depends on the caster's unbuffed Constitution and class; a Healer is more effective than a Warrior with the same CON. 

Players who use task-based allocation will gain Constitution by completing Social tasks.


  • Decreases HP loss from your own bad Habits / missed Dailies by 0.4% per point.