The Advanced Options interface, when task-based attribute allocation is turned on.

Every Habit, Daily, and To-Do has an Advanced Options section. Although using the Advanced Options can be helpful, it is not absolutely necessary to use them. Since Advanced Options are task specific, when a player edits the Advanced Options of a task, only the single task being edited is affected.

Finding Advanced OptionsEditar


By default, the Advanced Options appear automatically when a player edits a task. A player can change their Settings (click the "site" under Settings) if they want this section to start collapsed when editing a task (check the "Advanced Options in tasks start collapsed" option in the menu). If a player makes this selection, they can still view the Advanced Options by clicking on the link in the task menu.


Some tasks aren't as hard as others. It takes a lot more effort to write an essay than to brush your teeth. To acknowledge this, all tasks have a difficulty setting. There are three possible settings: easy, medium, and hard. New tasks are automatically set to "easy." When a task is accomplished, the reward will be based on its difficulty setting. Refer to the difficulty page for more information.



Using the Advanced Options section, players can change the streak count of a Daily. This setting is extremely useful when a player completes a task but forgets to check off its Daily. Although the Daily's streak count will automatically reset to zero, the player can manually restore the streak to maintain accuracy - as well as the player's motivation.


The Attributes will appear only if the player has selected auto-allocation as the method for assigning points to character attributes. Details on how points are allocated to attributes based on these settings can be found here.