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A Stern Talking-To
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Collection Quest
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A Stern Talking-To is the first part of the Golden Knight equipment quest line, and is a collection quest. The quest scroll is dropped automatically when the player reaches level 40; a player currently higher than level 40 when the quest was released also received a copy of the scroll. The ultimate prize for completing the quest line is Mustaine's Milestone Mashing Morningstar.


The Golden Knight has been getting on poor Habiticans' cases. Didn't do all of your dailies? Checked off a - habit? She will use this as a reason to harass you about how you should take from her example. She is the perfect, shining example of a Habiteer, and you are naught but a failure. Well, that is not nice at all. Everyone makes mistakes. They should not have to be met with such negativity for it. Perhaps it is time you gather some testimonies from hurt Habiticans and give the Golden Knight a stern talking-to!


  • Collect 300 Testimonies (These will only show up in the party page on Cron rather than appearing as you gain them.)


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Achievement: A Stern Talking-To x1
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The Golden Knight Chain Part 2: Tarnished Gold (Scroll)
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120 experience
15 gold

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Development and Credits[]

  • Release date: November 12, 2014.
  • Writers:
  • Artists: Streak and Rattify
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